Friday, December 7, 2007

Weight Watchers at Vol State

A few years ago Vol State had a strong Weight Watchers at work program. In 2 years I personally lost over 80lbs. However, once I started working on my doctorate and stopped attending meetings, I gained it all back plus some!!!!

Yet, not everyone who joined the Vol State Weight Watchers at work program met my same fate. Mary Nunaley lost 60lbs and has kept the weight off for 2 years! She and several others at Vol State are currently Lifetime Members of Weight Watchers.

As someone who has struggled with their weight all of my life - the Weight Watcher’s plan was actually easy to follow. I never went hungry and I began to enjoy something I never thought I would – working out! The weekly meetings were the key to keeping me focused on my goal! Once I stopped attending it was too easy to slide back into my old habits.

Well, I am finally finished with school and I am ready to commit to a program that I know works! But in order to bring the Weight Watchers at work program back to Vol State – I need to know how many others are interested in making a positive lifestyle change. We would need at least 18 people to commit for our group to make.

Weight Watchers at Work would be open to men and women staff, faculty, student and community members. The cost for the program is outlined below:
$120 for new members
$110 for current members
$100 for lifetime members trying to get back to goal

Please contact me directly at 230-3530 if you are interested. We can ask Weight Watchers to hold an information session so you can learn more about the program before joining. You can also go online to

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to find myself in the same shape I am in now this time next year. Join me in my effort to loose weight and feel great in 2008!

Shanna L. Jackson
Executive Assistant to the President
Volunteer State Community College
(615) 230 - 3530

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Mary said...

WW@Work is a great program. I had gained nearly 40 pounds while in a bad relationship - partially from bad eating habits and lots from stress. After the relationship ended, I knew I had to get back to the old me- WW@Work was the answer. Nearly 3 years later, I've still kept off almost all of the weight, exercise (not as much as I should) but truly have changed how I eat. I strongly recommend the program to anyone looking to make a lifestyle chanbe.