Monday, February 11, 2008

A message from Richard and Scotti Reinsch

Hello All,
Many thanks to Volunteer State Community College employees, Hartsville Pike Church of Christ members and Castalian Springs' neighbors for helping us pack up our stuff (what was left), provide water and lunch and load our U-Haul. You have no idea what their goodwill meant to us. :>))
We were able to remove trees and debris away from our house and out of our driveway (Wednesday) so we could get what undamaged furniture that was left out of our downstairs basement (Thursday).
We have found a rental house in Hendersonville and we are working with State Farm in terms of procuring rental furniture for the house as we were only able to save a few pieces. We are staying at a local hotel and anticipate moving to our rental house either Wednesday or Thursday (week coming) after getting all the utilities turned on. And getting furniture (rental), linens, towels toiletry items purchased and back up to speed.
I have already visited with FEMA and SBA officials (Saturday) and will meet with them again this week (completing paperwork and house inspections) as well as the State Farm national disaster team officials (Tuesday). Everyone has been great in helping us and as you can imagine we are just now starting to come out the shock of what has happened.
Thank you for your emails, phone calls and prayers. Trust me, they mean a lot to Scotti and me. :>))
Richard and Scotti Reinsch

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