Thursday, October 16, 2008

Argentina Presentation Goes Well

October 13th, 2008

We sincerely made an outstanding impression this evening with the Argentine Business Directors Association. Every college (both US and Argentinian institutions) prepared a multimedia presentation and we were the only group to receive applause at the completion of the presentation! We were able to introduce our presentation to the entire group in Spanish and then were able to show a DVD (recorded in Spanish) that described Volunteer State Community College very well. We were the only group to have the multimedia presentation overdubbed in Spanish. In addition, we were the only College that distributed Spanish-language brochures to everyone. We made many wonderful contacts as a result! Special thanks go to the following for their outstanding work in what truly has made a huge difference way down here in South America:

1. Terry Heinen and his crew (particularly Todd Griffin) in Media Services, who did an outstanding job in such a short amount of time.

2. Cristina Frasier, who worked tirelessly with the Spanish translations and did a great job with the recording of the script on the DVD. (The Argentine Busines Directors Association could not have been more impressed. The other community colleges were impressed as well...)

3. Kenyatta Lovett and Eric Melcher in Public Relations for their efforts with many of the details of the trip that are going SO well. For example, the gifts that we are giving to the Argentine professionals have been very well-received. Obviously, too, your efforts with the Spanish language brochure were truly outstanding.



I couldn't be more proud to be part of projects between both my countries: Argentina and United States! I am sure they will be impressed by Terry's Spanish skills! I wish I could be there with the three of you!

Laura Black said...

Congratulations on the successful presentation! I would also agree that a pat on the back goes to Terry Bubb for his efforts. Thanks for keeping us posted on the Argentina progress.

Buddy Shaw said...

Dr. Nichols,
You will be missed at tonights Soree, or as I say,"Our Fall Event". This presentation just shows the depth of the talent pool we are blessed to have at Volunteer State Community College. Its just another of the reasons I feel blessed and am honored to serve. We'll keep you and your team in our thoughts and prayers for a successful mission and a safe return.

Buddy Shaw
Volunteer State Community College Foundation