Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Argentina Trip Day 2

October 12th, 2008

Today we met the other participants of the program who also very much desire to make connections and form partnerships with the Argentine colleges. Our group is made up of four Community College presidents and eight other community college professionals. We toured the city of Tigre (just outside of Buenos Aires) this morning and enjoyed walking along the water. We saw many canoeists and boaters. In addition, we visited an art museum called Museo de Arte Tigre that was very impressive. We continued to eat very well as you will see in the photo. What you see us all enjoying is "brochete de caprese."


Loretta Calvert said...

Very jealous of the food aspect! Have you given away any of our translated materials yet?


Did you get a chance to try mate yet??? you can't come back without trying it! and if you do I will make you drink it here!
I hope you already have had "asado" y "empanadas"!