Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate Night At Vol State

Here are shots of the representatives from each party that spoke before the debate:

Jim Hawkins, Democratic Candidate for Tennesse State Senate.

Anthony Holt, Republican County Commissioner for Sumner County and running for County Executive.

Dr. Steven S. Nelson, Republican co-chairman for Sumner County.

Mary Kennedy, Hendersonville representative for the Sumner County Democrats.

A group of about 25-30 students, faculty, staff, and members of the general public came to watch the debates and meet with the representatives of both parties.

After the debates ended, only a group of 15-20 or so stayed around for the Question and Answer with Democrat Mary Kennedy and Republican Dr. Steven S. Nelson. Richard Green opened the floor, and I asked the first question. "So, who do you think won the debate?" I knew it was going to be a biased answer, but my goodness, I didn't expect the explosion of emotion afterwards...

When the war between the left side of the room and the right side of the room subsided, the two sides came together for a much less heated discussion to wrap the night up.

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