Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Economy

It's hard nowadays to look at a magazine, newspaper, or turn on the TV without hearing something about the economy. The businesses around Vol State are feeling the effects of the slowing economy.

The Marble Slab Creamery shut its doors two weeks ago. If you drive by the store, you can see signs on it door saying, "Due to the Economy, we are closed. We thank you for your past patronage."

Videogames Etc. manager Brendan Kelly said that his store has had a drastic dip in sales. "Nobody has any money. Everyone's putting what little money they have into food and gas, and they're not much else left for video games."

"I feel like it's been coming for a long time," adamantly said Katie Junker, owner of the BatteriesPlus. "It was a bubble and it burst. I don't think we should bail anyone out. The government isn't going to bail us out if we made bad decisions or over extend ourselves."

How about you? How has the economic slowdown affecting you?

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