Thursday, October 30, 2008

Student Journalism Trip

Our student blogger Kristen Salter and other journalism students are on a trip to Kansas City this week for a conference on student journalism. Here is her first entry:

2:14pm, Wednesday
We’re airborne! This is my first flight ever. I’m much calmer now than I was when we checked in. Security wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. “Check in was probably like 10 minutes for all four of us. It didn’t take long at all,” Kayla said. There are extra seats on the plane for us to spread out… but it’s still pretty tight. Clay’s sitting all by himself across the aisle from us. Kayla is sitting with me. We’re trading turns at the window. Check out these pictures from the plane of Nashville. It looks so tiny! Sarah is sitting in front of us. I was expected the plane ride be much more bumper. The only real complaint I have is that it’s so hot.

We’re going through a little turbulence right now. Scary stuff.

I’ll write some more when we arrive at Kansas City.

10:03pm, Wednesday
So, I’m relaxing in the lobby right now with Sarah. The hotel we’re staying at offers wifi in the rooms, for a price. It’s free in the lobby. I’m not really that tired, I’m more excited than anything. All of my classes start tomorrow. There’s over 400 classes being offered over the 5 day span that Associate Professor Clay Scott, Kayla Turnbow (the editor for The Settler), and Sarah Sommer(the editor for The Pioneer). We ate at Chipotle a few blocks away from the hotel. The food was good, and spicy. We’re going out to get BBQ tomorrow night.

After I finish checking and uploading pictures to my Facebook, I’m going to check out for the night. I’ll have more posted tomorrow.

Kristen Salter

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