Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to Argentina

The President, Dean of Business and the Director of Advising are visiting Argentina this week to help set up relationships with colleges there. It's part of our International focus. Terry Bubb will be blogging along the is his first post:
Blog of 2008 Trip to Argentina
The purpose of the trip is for Volunteer State Community College to develop partnerships with Argentinian Colleges. We hope that our visit will lead to student travel study abroad, internships, faculty and staff exchanges, etc. The trip is the direct result of Volunteer State Community College now being a member of CCID, Community Colleges For International Development, Inc. (Dr. Warren Nichols, Dr. John Espey, and Terry Bubb are the representatives from Volunteer State Community College in this program.)
October 11th, 2008
¡Hola a todos de la ¡¡Argentina! All of our flights went very smoothly. We arrived in Buenos Aires around 8:30 a.m., went through Customs fairly quickly, and checked in successfully in the hotel by 10:30 a.m. We are staying at the Intercontinental Buenos Aires Hotel. It is very nice and the staff is quite friendly. This is the only day of our trip that is not completely planned, so we immediately took advantage of that fact. After we checked into our rooms, showered, and changed clothes, we set out to explore Buenos Aires!

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather, so we thoroughly enjoyed our walk. We strolled the streets for a few hours, stopping to soak in the sights and scenes of Buenos Aires. We saw many families walking around and children playing in the streets. (See photo of little girls playing with the pigeons.) One remarkable place is the Plaza de Mayo. There, among other things, we saw the Casa Rosada, (“the Pink House”) where the President conducts official business. It also is the location of the famous moment/scene in history when Evita Perón (or was it Madonna?!J) spoke to the people below from the balcony. There also is a gorgeous Cathedral that is part of the plaza. We were struck by the beauty of the architecture as well as the history that is commemorated throughout this part of Buenos Aires. In addition, we walked down a pedestrian street named Florida where we saw every imaginable type of shop. We also heard some good live music. One of the photos that you will see today is of a music group that blew us away with their music. (We saw a poster that said that Maroon 5 was coming to Buenos Aires soon. Argentinians definitely enjoy a wide variety of music.)

On the way back to the hotel we ate lunch at the Café Tortoni, the oldest café in Buenos Aires. We all enjoyed lunch while soaking in the fascinating character of a famous café. There was an old-style theater inside that still has regular Tango shows. You will see a photo of it. In addition, literally right behind our booth was a life-size display of three famous Argentinians: Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Gardel, and Gabriella Mistral. We are going to turn in early tonight because it is the only “early” night that we will have. We will typically be eating dinner until around 11:00 or 11:30 p.m. each night once the planned agenda begins. ¡Hasta mañana!


Patsy Lawson said...

Hello to all three of you. Herman and I will be reading each day's blogs. We will be spending part of our Christmas vacation here this year with our sons. I treasure each piece of information you are and will be sharing.


I am glad my native "patria" is welcoming you properly! If they feed you, you already have them in your pocket! Ha!

Dr. Jaime Sánchez said...

I wish you success in establishing links with other educational institutions in Argentina. This will be a great step forward in strengthening an international component in our college.

Dr. Jaime Sánchez said...

I wish you success in establishing links with other colleges in Argentina. This is a great step forward in strengthening an international component at Vol. State.

Jaime Sánchez