Monday, June 29, 2009

Characters in Line

One student plays video games. An older man waits patiently. A baseball player tosses a ball. A woman grooves to music. They all have one thing in common: they’ll soon be standing in line at the Vol State Business Office.

It’s part of a mural project for the cashier’s walls that started in Sue Mulcahy’s Drawing 2 class this spring. Student artists have been working on the project this summer, which has become a bit of a labor of love.
"We were inspired by humor," said Cory Amons. "The idea is people standing in line paying tuition."
"We decided we were going to represent the student body, but at the same time create interesting characters," said Jordan Bickimer.
You may recognize one of the characters. Elkin Brown, a long-time faculty member who died suddenly last year, will be up on the wall, talking to a student in line.
"Elkin did so much for the Art Department," said Amons. "There isn’t one of us who was not effected by Elkin."
"We were amazed by the type of person he was," said Bickimer. "He needed to be immortalized."
Bickimer and Amons are working on the mural with Ray Solorio, Jesslyn Carver, Tim Carver, Carissa Breton and Chris Fowler. They plan to add color to the characters soon, and put them up like wall paper. The background will then be painted to create a uniform look. It should be completed by the end of the summer.
"This thing is in constant flux," said Bickimer. "We’re having to adapt. That’s the way art is.
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Tim Carver said...
Hello iam Tim Carver and I am one of the students involved with this project and would like to supply a link to my myspace page so others can see the progress that has been made and to comment on any of the characters. The project is moving into the final stages and will be complet soon.