Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vol State-Belmont Nursing graduates

Holly Andrews walked across the stage at Belmont University, not just as a happy graduate but also the first of her kind. She is in the first group of students to complete the nursing program in a partnership between Volunteer State Community College and Belmont University. The mother of four made the career choice because of the important role nurses played while she was delivering her children in the hospital.

“I thought: I could do that for the rest of my life. It was just getting up the nerve to do it,” Andrews said.

Andrews is joined by Jordan Banks and Jessica Brazil as the first Vol State group to graduate from the program. They took a set of classes at Vol State that matched up to Belmont nursing requirements. After graduation from Vol State and acceptance into the Belmont program, all of their courses transferred to the bachelor’s of science in nursing degree. Vol State administrators say the program is continuing to grow in popularity.

“Belmont, of course, is a premier institution,” said Dean Nancy Morris. “The students in all of their medical programs get high scores. They have state of the art facilities and a low student to professor ratio.”

Banks and Brazil both served as officers in the Belmont Student Nurses Association.

College was a family affair for Andrews. Her husband Danny has been working two jobs while she was in school.

“This is just what we have to do to make a better life for our kids,” she said. “You just have to juggle things. You take it one day at a time.”

Andrews returns to Vol State to offer encouragement to the students considering the nursing program. She is looking for a job in the very area that first inspired her.

“I really want to work in labor and delivery,” she said.

For more information about the Vol State-Belmont nursing program partnership visit and click on “vscc partnership” or call 615-230-3261.

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