Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help for the Mathematically Challenged

Pictures of algebraic equations can be fun and intellectually stimulating for some, but for others can easily be a nightmare.

This is where the Vol State math and science lab tutors can offer assistance for those that struggle for whatever reason in math, science, and statistics. The list can go on just as surely as the numbers go into infinity on a number line.

I am one of those students who always struggled in math. From the time I was in the first grade, adding and subtracting was hard, then the struggle with long division, fractions, and so forth. I am currently trying to get through Elementary Algebra, and thanks to the math lab and an understanding professor I think I am finally making strides.

Students should feel free to ask questions in class without worrying about feeling unintelligent. The only stupid question is one that you already know the answer to. Often times in classes, student disruptions can hinder the understanding of the concept that one may already be struggling to grasp.

Bill Smith, Director of the Math and Science Lab said, “It is to assist students in math and science classes. It gives preparation for tests, and helps them succeed in their classes.” Smith said he has been employed with Vol State for close to fifteen years. Smith also added that students who are taking online classes and have online homework can use the resources offered in the math and science lab.

“Students who regularly come usually get the grade they want in their class. We have an average of two helpers per time period. We have a couple of student tutors and then we have faculty members who spend some of their office hours in here,” said Smith.

“I am studying statistics. That is why I am passing my classes,” said student, Gatluak Chuol of his experience in the math lab.

The math and science lab is located in the Warf building room 123. Hours are Monday-Thursday 8am -6pm; Fridays 8am-4pm; and on the second Saturday of the month from 8am-2pm.

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