Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The fall semester has come to a close, and the holidays are almost here.

It has been a joy passing along information to the Vol State community and beyond, and I look forward to seeing you again in the spring.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to interviews, and especially thank you to the readers.

I sincerely hope that everyone did well this semester. Have a very safe and happy holiday, and I’ll see you next year!

Volunteer State Community College

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fitness Upgrades All Around

A complete workout room renovation made the way for local rural schools to have more.

Vol State is upgrading the workout room in the Pickel building, and decided to donate several treadmills, elliptical sets, and free weights in lieu of selling them.

“Vol State has been really good about donating things to school systems. We took a look at some of the schools in the area who had the biggest need. The rural schools sometimes get left out of proper funding. They have less students and a lack of resources. We draw a lot of students from those schools so it is a win-win situation for everybody,” said Bobby Hudson, Director of Athletics.

“We checked with Trousdale County High School, Red Boiling Springs High School in Macon County, and Westmoreland High School in Sumner County,” said Hudson. He said that the highschools were very receptive with the donations, and came to pick up the equipment while bringing some of their players.

“It’s been awhile and we are trying to upgrade the health and physical education department. We’ve never really done a total renovation like this. Dr. Nichols has been very supportive over the entire project,” Hudson said.

“The room is used extensively, and we wanted to give it more of a fitness center type look,” Hudson said of the workout room.

Hudson said, “The new facility will have three new treadmills, three new elliptical sets, and a new reception station that will be staffed with work study and coaches.”

The target opening for the new workout facility is January 17, 2010.

Volunteer State Community College

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas and holiday college schedule

It's the last day of finals! We hope classes went well for everyone. A reminder about the holiday and Christmas schedule for Vol State. The entire campus is closed from December 24-29. We will have limited offices open on December 30. We will be closed December 31 and January 1.

We will also be closed on Thursday, January 7 due to professional development day.

Here's wishing everyone a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, festive Kwanzaa and happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the Vol State students, faculty, and staff. They have questions and wishes they want to express to you.
Myka Drake said, “I want to know why you live in the North Pole. It is freezing there!” She then went on to say that she wants a million dollars.
“I would urge Mrs. Claus to prepare him healthier foods because he has gained too much weight,” said Leonard Assante, Associate Professor of Communications/Chair of Communications.
Student Amanda Johnson said, “I would ask him for easier homework!” Shanie Ayers said, “I want a vacation, and it better be good!”
Melissa Tyndall, Instructor of Communications said, “I would ask for a big bag of money!”
“I want to know what he does the first couple of days after Christmas,” said Jamey Campbell, Coordinator of Student Activities. Mr. Campbell also wants patio furniture.
Some people just want to know answers to puzzling questions. “Is it true that the Earth heats and cools in cycles, and man’s affect has nothing to do with global warming? I figure Santa would know something about that being the magical character he is,” said Howard Espravnik, Associate Professor of Communication; Manager, Radio Station WVCP.
Santa, it isn’t just children who have questions and wishes during the holiday season. You are a very popular guy. There are those who would be happy for the simple things, and are happy with the way things are.
“I would ask for an extra six hours a day to be able to get all of my stuff done, spend time with my family, and still be able to get eight hours of sleep a night. Other than that, I’ve got everything I could ask for,” said Derek Pennycuff, Webmaster.
Thank you for taking the time to read the comments and wishes of some of the Vol State community. By the way, my personal letter is in the mail!
Thank you,
Amie Lara, Student Blogger
Volunteer State Community College

Monday, December 14, 2009

Paralegal Open House

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what is involved in your choice of study before actually registering for classes?
On January 5, 2010 Vol State students wanting to become a paralegal will have that opportunity. There will be an open house at 5 p.m. in Mattox 106.
“It is still a viable job market,” said Loretta Calvert, Coordinator of the Paralegal Program. “The highest demand in the paralegal job market is Bankruptcy,” she said.
Calvert said that it is a popular program and several students enroll. “When I checked my list of advisees for the semester I personally have over one hundred,” she said.
At the open house students will be able to see what classes will be offered, as well as the content of the program. If they decide this is something they would like to do there will be time to sign up for classes before January 14. “I will never push it down someone’s throat. You need to have a passion for it,” Calvert said.
“We have people with Bachelor’s degrees that want to come and get a degree in the paralegal field,” said Calvert. Law students sometimes take paralegal courses and this can prove beneficial when going to law school according to Calvert.
Students interested in attending may email Loretta Calvert for additional information at Loretta.Calvert@volstate.edu.

Volunteer State Community College

Friday, December 11, 2009

Register for Classes Early

Early registration is becoming more important as the Vol State student population grows.

Registration for those currently enrolled began November 9, 2009. Classes seem to be filling up quickly and there is still over a month left before the start of the spring semester January 14, 2010.

“I’m always late registering. I looked today and it seems like everything is filled up,” said Erica Murphy. Rich Pharris said, “I haven’t registered yet because I still have a balance on my tuition.”

I asked Accounting major Tamula Chamberlain if she thought it was important to register early. She replied with a chuckle, “Yes, if you want to get the class. It was more important to register early this semester, because last semester I had to take what was left.”

While some students worry about getting the classes they need and locked into place others take it day by day such as Jonathan Perkins. “I haven’t registered yet. I just go with the flow.”
Bonny Copenhaver, Dean of Humanities said, “Yes, there are some things that are filling up. There are sections within each department that are full. There may have been some increase in early registration.” Copenhaver said it is important to register early, “Because you get the class and times you want.”

Students can register by logging into PRIDE online.

Volunteer State Community College

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green Activities

The term going green is all the rage nowadays.

Vol State Environmental Science students participated in a community service project during the semester to help increase awareness of the ongoing environmental problems we face.
“It’s an introduction to the environment and environmental responsibility. All semester they had a requirement to work in their communities. This is their end of the semester project,” said Phil Clifford, Instructor of Biology and Environmental Science.
Among some of the issues covered was carpooling. Students Anthony Jordan and Jeremy Vandivier did research in this area. They explained about a website called carpool.com. “It is kind of like craigslist for carpooling,” said Jordan.
Amber Armstrong and Connie Sharp saved rain water. “We made four barrels. There are more expensive barrels that have filters to use for drinking, but the water from our barrels can be used for pets or to water plants, etc,” said Sharp. “You pick a gutter, and put a one inch hole in the barrel,” Armstrong said. They said that the rain water flows from the gutters into the barrels to conserve water.

Planting trees was another major endeavor taken on by several students involved. “I planted trees for the playground at my church. We planted a total of six,” said Shannon Beauvais.
Elise Barreiro planted trees for Robert F. Woodall Elementary School in White House, Tenn. The trees for her project were donated by The Wilkinson Planter Center in White House, Tenn. “As I planted the trees I got some of the after school children involved. I talked to them about environmental sustainability. My goal wasn’t just to plant a tree but to educate them. I had a lot of fun with this project,” said Barreiro.
Cleaning up our lakes and rivers is something that Kayla Day and Michael Goodman both sought out to do. A car was found in Drakes Creek. “I was kayaking in Drakes Creek and hit the car,” said Goodman. “We are working with The Army Corps of Engineers to get the car removed,” said Day.
The students in the class were happy to have been able to contribute to such a good cause while learning and receiving a grade.

Volunteer State Community College

Monday, December 7, 2009

Entrepreneurial Students

Small business owners aren’t just established college graduates. Vol State student Jamie Sutton decided to unleash his entrepreneurial spirit and start his own business.

With the help from Charles Alexander, The Director of (TSBDC) Tennessee Small Business Development Center here at Vol State, Sutton’s business is ready to go.
Sutton came up with the idea of launching a music web based business. “Charles Alexander looked over my plan and gave me specific advice. He referred me to a lawyer and marketing people. From the time I wrote the business plan to the time I got it up and running it was about eight or nine months,” Sutton said.
Charles Alexander said, “I’m under continuing education, and I teach workshops on a full time basis. This is primarily for the business community. The small business center offers counseling to those who either have a small business or those who want to start a business.”

“We are a news and information website for the Nashville music industry. We have CD reviews, band interviews, and cover concerts. It is called The Nashville Listener,” said Sutton. “I write most of the material, and I do interviews with local acts about upcoming shows,” he said.

On December 4, 2009, Sutton had the launch party for his website. “We are hooked up with soundforest.org. They are a charity that works with musicians and plants trees in the middle Tennessee area. All proceeds of the cover of the event go to the charity,” said Sutton.
“At the launch party we will have a winter wonderland theme, and pine trees will be decorated as Christmas trees that you can purchase and have planted in your name throughout middle Tennessee,” he said.

Anyone wanting more information about starting a business may contact Charles Alexander at Charles.Alexander@volstate.edu or 230-4780.

Volunteer State Community College

Friday, December 4, 2009

We Have A TV Studio!

One of Vol State’s best kept secrets is the state of the art television station located in the Ramer building.

In addition to shooting the cable television show “Inside Politics,” it is used to teach students video editing.

Vol State will be offering an Intro to Video Class in spring 2010, and Karen Russell will be teaching.

“It is a basic introduction to learning the studio,” Russell said. She said that it covers pre and post production from editing to writing the scripts. Russell said,” I worked for Fox 17 for ten years in promotion and production then moved on to producing the morning broadcast. This is my first time teaching this class, and I am excited.”

Director of Media Services Terry Heinen said, “The media services department serves the entire campus. We are part of the academic affairs division, and the primary focus is to support any of the academic programs with their media production needs.”

“In addition to academic affairs we also do production for everyone else on campus; primarily PR, the office of the president, and the foundation. Typically if students are involved in the communications programs they may have access to the studio,” said Heinen.

Heinen said, “In addition to Vol State projects we occasionally assist with area not for profit organizations and government agencies.”

Rick Hindman is the videographer. In addition to his position as videographer, he does editing and graphic design. He said, “It is a modern up to date studio and the school has a lot to be proud of.”

To see some of the work produced at the television studio, go to YouTube.

Volunteer State Community College

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Showstopping Holiday Event

Singing, dancing, and festive lighting will fill the Caudill Hall auditorium during the holiday concert.

“Christmas at Volunteer State” is being presented by Vol State’s department of Visual and Performing Arts with the “Showstoppers” and Commercial Music Ensemble performing various holiday songs.
A.J. Hughes said, “We’ve been rehearsing since the first day of school. I’ve invited a ton of people. I sing ‘Believe’ as a soloist from ‘The Polar Express.’ I do a lot of harmonies throughout.” Cody Pennington said, “I’m in the winter medley and ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ Those are my favorites.”
Several Vol State students are providing accompaniment as well by playing drums and keyboard along with a few other instruments. “I play drums and percussion for the Commercial Music Ensemble,” said Steven Phillips.
Not only have the performers been rehearsing since the beginning of the semester, but a lot goes on behind the scenes as well. Theatre major Andrew Givens said, “I do lighting and sound, and I do all of the theatrical events.”

There will be two opportunities to see the holiday production. Opening night is Saturday December 5, at 7:30p.m., with an encore presentation Sunday December 6 at 2:30p.m.
There is a suggested donation of five dollars, and ten dollars will get you into the show as well as a CD of the performance.

Volunteer State Community College

Green Science Projects

As part of the Biology 1040 class -Environmental Science - students are performing “green” activities in their communities. They have been asked to prepare presentations on what they have accomplished (photos, handouts, etc.) and during their last lab period they will be displaying these at the Vol State Rochelle Center on the first floor of the Thigpen Library. This will be on December 7th from 2:00pm – 4:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to wander through and see what they accomplished!

Phil Clifford, PhD.
Volunteer State Community College
Mathematics and Science Division
Office: 615-452-8600 X 2309

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final Month!

The holidays are steadily approaching, and if that isn’t enough, Vol State students are gearing up for final exams.

Final exams are from Saturday December 12 until Friday December 18. For a detailed time schedule, click here.

Students have differing opinions about finals. Some are ready, and some are feeling the stress a bit more. Nicole Slate is a Radiology major and said, “I’m ready I think.” “I’m as ready as I’m going to be. You can only make up for so much in two weeks,” said Communications major Hank Elliot.

Brandon Teel said, “I’m ready for it to be over with honestly.” Teel also said that he is a little stressed about his History final. Justin Clark said, “It is just certain classes I’m worried about; math mainly.”

As a fellow student, I can definitely understand the stress that can accompany final exams. Even if you feel ready, there still seems to be a bit of anxiety when it comes to that last test of the semester.

Take a deep breath and do your best. Good luck!

Volunteer State Community College

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Help Make Christmas Brighter

Amy Mitchell is running the Vol State Christmas with the Kids campaign this year, and she needs your help:

The Annual SGA Christmas with the Kids tree is up in the Wood Campus Center Tiled Dining Room and has ornaments representing the children of VSCC students who need some extra magic this Christmas. Please consider picking up an ornament and helping make the holidays special for our collective College family. Each ornament indicates the gender, age, and needs and wants of a child. SGA invites you to pick up an ornament and purchase gifts not to exceed $50.00.

The last day to get the bulbs off of the Christmas tree is Thursday, December 3rd by 1:00pm. The last day to drop of the gifts (unwrapped and placed in a gift bag) for the kids is Friday, December 4th, by 4 pm. Gifts should be returned to the Student Club Center in Wood 213.

Christmas with the Kids will be on Sunday, December 6th from 3 until 5 pm in the cafeteria. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at amitchell31@volstate.edu or amitchell008@gmail.com

Amy L. Mitchell

Giving Warmth

The holiday season is here again, and this year Vol State is having a coat drive for the second year.

Associate Professor of English Daniel Kelley is heading this event. “This is in conjunction with the ‘Good Morning America’ campaign. This is the second year and we have already gotten twenty three coats. My goal is one hundred coats,” said Kelley.

Students who are just learning about the coat drive are showing interest. Darae Schafer said, “I think it is a really good thing.” “I think I may have something to donate,” Alex Mabry said when asked if he may participate.

Kelley wants to point out that donations aren’t just for students, faculty, and staff. “Students should encourage friends and family members to donate.”

Last year the coats got delivered to Burlington Coat Factory, and then The Nashville Rescue Mission. “They don’t have to be winter coats. They can be jackets and sweaters. We even took hats and gloves last year. They can be any size for males and females as long as they are in good condition,” said Kelley.

Kelley said that new donations are welcome as well. Those wanting to donate should bring the coats to Professor Kelley’s office located in the Ramer building room 135. Questions can be directed to Daniel Kelley at daniel.kelley@volstate.edu or 615-230-3242. Donations can be given between now and December 18th.
Volunteer State Community College