Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the Vol State students, faculty, and staff. They have questions and wishes they want to express to you.
Myka Drake said, “I want to know why you live in the North Pole. It is freezing there!” She then went on to say that she wants a million dollars.
“I would urge Mrs. Claus to prepare him healthier foods because he has gained too much weight,” said Leonard Assante, Associate Professor of Communications/Chair of Communications.
Student Amanda Johnson said, “I would ask him for easier homework!” Shanie Ayers said, “I want a vacation, and it better be good!”
Melissa Tyndall, Instructor of Communications said, “I would ask for a big bag of money!”
“I want to know what he does the first couple of days after Christmas,” said Jamey Campbell, Coordinator of Student Activities. Mr. Campbell also wants patio furniture.
Some people just want to know answers to puzzling questions. “Is it true that the Earth heats and cools in cycles, and man’s affect has nothing to do with global warming? I figure Santa would know something about that being the magical character he is,” said Howard Espravnik, Associate Professor of Communication; Manager, Radio Station WVCP.
Santa, it isn’t just children who have questions and wishes during the holiday season. You are a very popular guy. There are those who would be happy for the simple things, and are happy with the way things are.
“I would ask for an extra six hours a day to be able to get all of my stuff done, spend time with my family, and still be able to get eight hours of sleep a night. Other than that, I’ve got everything I could ask for,” said Derek Pennycuff, Webmaster.
Thank you for taking the time to read the comments and wishes of some of the Vol State community. By the way, my personal letter is in the mail!
Thank you,
Amie Lara, Student Blogger
Volunteer State Community College

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