Friday, December 4, 2009

We Have A TV Studio!

One of Vol State’s best kept secrets is the state of the art television station located in the Ramer building.

In addition to shooting the cable television show “Inside Politics,” it is used to teach students video editing.

Vol State will be offering an Intro to Video Class in spring 2010, and Karen Russell will be teaching.

“It is a basic introduction to learning the studio,” Russell said. She said that it covers pre and post production from editing to writing the scripts. Russell said,” I worked for Fox 17 for ten years in promotion and production then moved on to producing the morning broadcast. This is my first time teaching this class, and I am excited.”

Director of Media Services Terry Heinen said, “The media services department serves the entire campus. We are part of the academic affairs division, and the primary focus is to support any of the academic programs with their media production needs.”

“In addition to academic affairs we also do production for everyone else on campus; primarily PR, the office of the president, and the foundation. Typically if students are involved in the communications programs they may have access to the studio,” said Heinen.

Heinen said, “In addition to Vol State projects we occasionally assist with area not for profit organizations and government agencies.”

Rick Hindman is the videographer. In addition to his position as videographer, he does editing and graphic design. He said, “It is a modern up to date studio and the school has a lot to be proud of.”

To see some of the work produced at the television studio, go to YouTube.

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