Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Census 2010 Imperative for Funding

The US Census 2010 logo can be seen in various places around Tenn., but what does this mean?

Cameron Parrish is the Partnership Specialist for the Census Bureau.

Parrish said that it is important to participate in the census survey because, “It is a constitutional obligation.”

Parrish also said that distribution of federal funds is an important part of having the correct number of residents. “People are under the misconception that funds for schools are allocated by how many students walk through the door. Instead it is tallied by how many people are documented by the Census every ten years. For every person who refuses to fill out the form, it reduces the amount of funding allocated to the schools,” he said.

Parrish touched on the fact that some residents who may be here illegally are afraid to fill out the form for fear of deportation. “It is confidential. We want to maintain the Census Bureau as a separate entity. Social security numbers aren’t even used.” Parrish said. Parrish said that even if residents are here illegally it is important to have those numbers since school funding can be allocated appropriately for each body counted.

“People will start receiving forms mid March by mail, or hand delivered. We can’t do it electronically. Dormitories and military facilities will count toward that residence,” said Parrish.

Vol State student Ethan Dorris said, “I think it is important for statistics to fill it out.” “If you don’t fill it out they aren’t going to have accurate counts,” said student Victoria Weeks.

Census jobs are available. “They pay between ten to sixteen dollars an hour depending on what county you are in. If you work for the Census and are receiving unemployment benefits, you won’t have to reapply for unemployment benefits after it is over. Your benefits will start again,” said Parrish.

To find out more about Census 2010, and the road tour visit the website.

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