Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Highlights to Trauma

Trena Burrow has always been interested in the medical field, and is in the EMT program at Vol State.

“This is my second semester. I’m taking the eighteen month program. You have to become an EMT first before a paramedic. I’ve always liked the medical field,” said Burrow.

Burrow had another interest that was very different from the medical field before she started the EMT program. “When I first graduated high school I went to cosmetology school. That is how I helped my mom out; making money doing hair, so that I could pay for my own stuff,” she said.

“I enjoy doing hair but I feel like the medical field is meant for me. When I had my oldest daughter, I worked at Center for Comprehensive Services for trauma brain injured patients. I did whatever they needed. I helped the nurses and the doctors,” said Burrow.

Burrow has two children ages 1 and 2. “I still do hair on the side to bring in some extra money,” she said.

Burrow welcomes emails from those needing a hair stylist at Maklauderdales2@gmail.com.

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