Monday, January 25, 2010

More Power for Vol State radio WVCP-FM

Vol State radio station WVCP 88.5 FM has a new antenna and that means more power, so you can receive those rock and roll tunes crystal clear. We're proud of our college radio station. It has a broadcast range that extends into Nashville and many devoted listeners. Students are DJs, do the news, and many other functions at the station. If you're interested in working at WVCP we've included a contact e-mail below. Here's a note from WVCP Manager Howard Espravnik about the antenna process:

WVCP’s new broadcast antenna was installed on Friday afternoon. WVCP’s antenna is located on a tower belonging to Cumberland Electric Membership Cooperative (CEMC) on Blythe Street in Gallatin. WVCP appreciates that CEMC provides this tower space as a free service to the station, VSCC and the community.

The new antenna has Radomes (ice covers) over each of the three bays. On icy days, the ice will form on the cover and not on the antenna itself. Ice on the antenna can force stations to reduce their operating power. The covers will prevent that.

WVCP’s old antenna was retired after 26 years of service. The old antenna’s power divider was getting water in it, forcing the station to operate at less than 100 percent power, off and on, for the last couple of months.

The new Dielectric Antenna was purchased with stimulus funding and was scheduled to be replaced later this year as a part of the station’s upgrade to digital HD broadcasting. Water getting into the old antenna necessitated replacing the antenna now instead of later this year.

Howard Espravnik
WVCP-FM Manager
Associate Professor of Communication

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