Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TRIO Graduates Honored

The Vol State TRIO program honored graduates this morning with an awards presentation and breakfast.

The TRIO program has a mission to provide eligible students increased educational opportunities related to academic skills, career development, and personal growth.

“We are federally funded through the department of education. Our primary focus is to help students graduate,” said Andrea Boddie, Director of Student Support Services (TRIO).

Lita Miller, 39, was one of the graduates honored.

“TRIO is one of the most incredible resources available to a group of students who need it the most. Either students who are first generation, those with financial need, or both may qualify for the program,” said Miller.

“I started out as a member of the TRIO program. I was totally clueless in math. I signed up for tutoring and tested out of beginning and intermediate within one semester,” Miller said.

Miller wanted to teach when she first started Vol State education but decided to get a business and commerce degree. She is a tutor with the TRIO program. “I’m going to be tutoring this summer. I always wanted to teach, and tutoring kind of scratches that teaching itch. I’ve gotten as much out of tutoring that I’ve given,” she said.

“All of the counselors in TRIO are like family. No matter what the problem, you can go to them. It has saved a lot of people from giving up and quitting. They go above and beyond the intention of the program to make sure students have everything they need to succeed,” said Miller.

Miller added that, “If you qualify for the program it is an amazing resource.”

For more information about the TRIO program and eligibility requirements call 615-230-3732 or visit

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