Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Safety Tips on Campus

Vol State was named the sixth safest campus nationwide, according to the campus police department, but unfortunately, crime can still happen on campus , so being prepared is key.

Recently a campus email was sent out alerting students, faculty and staff of three thefts on campus this semester, and campus police want to reiterate the importance of safety.

Theft is mostly a crime of opportunity, according to Master Patrol Officer Robert Jackson. “When I go around campus, I find windows down, doors unlocked and convertible tops down. Anybody that wanted to could have taken anything. If they knew what to do they could have stolen a car.”

Jackson gives the following safety tips for students, “Keep your doors locked, and keep valuables out of site. Either put them in the trunk or take them with you.”

Victims of theft should file a report with campus police. Keep a record of all serial numbers for cell phones, I-Pods, etc. for identification purposes. Without these, the chance is most likely slim to none that the item will be recovered.

Jackson said to also make sure valuables are marked somehow, so that the owner knows where the markings are.

“On average, textbooks are the main thing that gets stolen,” said Jackson. Students should pick a random page and mark textbooks with a code. Jackson said it doesn’t have to be the student’s name, but something that can be identified.

“The basic thing to remember is to have common sense when it comes to protecting your items,” Jackson said.

For a complete list of safety tips visit the campus police page. 

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