Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best Friends Attend Vol State

Grant Richardson, 19, and Mac Hendrix, 20, grew up next to each other and are self proclaimed best friends.

Both Richardson and Hendrix are second year Vol State students, but they have different goals for their careers.

“I’m just getting whatever I need to transfer to Liberty University in Virginia,” said Richardson. “I want to major in theology and religion. I feel like it is my calling to do some form of ministry.”

“I want to get my undergrad in biology and my graduate in microbiology,” said Hendrix. “I’ve always been into that stuff to see how things work. I’m trying to go to Memphis or UTK.”

In his spare time Hendrix likes to dance and perform.

“In the future I want to write a book and start housing for underprivileged or homeless families,” said Richardson. 

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