Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make a Difference: Non-Profit Started By Two Vol State Students

Embracing the opportunity to make a difference is something Vol State students Tina Newman and Dana Vick decided to do when they went to India with The Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS) program.

Newman and Vick decided to start a non-profit organization to benefit the children of Taabar. They were in India from May10 until June 1, 2010. “I saw the need and didn’t think twice,” said Newman.

“We were roommates in the program,” said Newman. “We started making our plan to start this non-profit while we were still there. While we were there we started making contacts. We wanted to figure out what the needs are."

“I was more prone to poverty stricken countries,” said Newman. Newman added that she felt she could make more of a difference in a third world country, and said she could go to Europe any time, when she was deciding which country to visit.

Newman and Vick have hit the ground running and now have a non-profit organization titled Taabar2.

“It is only 300 dollars a year to support one kid,” said Newman. “It’s going to cover shelter, medical and dental expenses, clothing and food.”

Newman and Vick are planning to go to India twice a year to personally deliver the contributions and foresee that the money goes to benefit the children. Newman said that in December she and Vick plan on going back to India.

On November 13, there will be a silent auction and dinner to help raise money to send to the children of Taabar. Newman said that there will be a four course meal with dessert. Tickets are 30 dollars per person, or 50 dollars for two. This event will be in The Wood Campus Center at Vol State in the carpeted dining room.

“I feel like I’m a true humanitarian at heart,” said Newman. “I feel like this is my calling to do.”

Newman stressed again that it takes so little to sponsor a child, adding that the number one cause of death is unsafe drinking water in India. Future long term goals include having the Taabar2 organization in several different countries in the world. Newman said that this is her vision.

For more information on how how to get involved, or to purchase tickets for the silent auction and dinner, email Dana Vick at

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