Monday, November 22, 2010

Criminal Justice Students Visit Tennessee Supreme Court

Vol State students in the Introduction to Criminal Law class were recently given a tour of the Tennessee Supreme Court. They attended three Tennessee criminal appeals involving statutory rape, murder and child abuse/neglect. The photograph was taken inside the Supreme court chambers with Judges Thomas Woodall, James Curwood and Alan Glenn, who presided over the criminal appeals.

Here are what some of the Criminal Justice students had to say about the experience:

Jennifer Graves: “The ability to take what we have discussed in the classroom and then view it all first hand in the actual courtroom, assisted in a greater understanding of the role of the Tennessee Supreme Court plays in the criminal justice system.”

Jackie Brewer: “The Tennessee Supreme Court building was one of the most amazing buildings that I have ever been to or seen. The history inside the walls of the Tennessee Supreme Court is one that I could never fathom, this experience definitely will be one memory that will stay with me forever.”

Erin Vague: “The criminal appeals dealt with child neglect, statutory rape and murder, I was astonished to know and understand what they were talking about and would have never in a million years thought that I would have become this knowledgeable about the law."

Heather Weber: “Overall the educational experience from this field trip is something that I will carry with me throughout my college career. It has helped in shaping my future projections career-wise and has given me a perspective into the Criminal Court of Appeals that I was not privileged to have prior to this experience.”

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