Monday, December 20, 2010

When Can I See My Grades?

Final grades will be available late Wednesday afternoon. Once posted, grades can be found in Pride Online. Under the “Student” heading click on the “Final Grades” link. You can also use the “My Grades” channel in the My VolState portal.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Passing the Torch

As the end of the year is coming to a close, I begin to think of new beginnings.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be employed in the public relations office here at Vol State for the past year and a half while completing my degree.

This position has paved the way for me to meet some extraordinary people, and taught me a great deal about reporting. I have had the opportunity to meet and interview several guest speakers including Pulitzer Prize winning author Nicholas Kristof.

Seeing the world through Asra Nomani’s eyes, if only for a couple of hours, when she was telling of her adventures as she demanded women’s rights to pray in the same area as the men in her mosque, was priceless. Having the opportunity to hear Lee Mun Wah speak about diversity, and having a one on one conversation with him was an amazing opportunity that cannot be put into words.

Not only have I had the opportunity to interview guests for print, I have had the unique opportunity to interview local politicians including Governor Bill Haslam on “Inside Politics,” Vol State’s cable television production.

Aside from the career and networking opportunities, I have made lasting relationships through my job here that will always be remembered. Getting to know the faculty and staff not just as a student, but as a co-worker and friend in some cases was one of the better parts of my position.

Interviewing different students for personal profiles not only helped make the blog interesting, but gave me the opportunity to make friends along the way.

I want to thank everyone over the past year and a half that has let me interview, photograph and video them for the blog. For everyone in the PR office, thank you for everything. Eric Melcher, you have taught me so much, and it has been an honor to be a part of your team.

For the next person that will take my place, I leave you with a bit of advice if I may. Really listen to the people you are talking to and have fun! I am passing the torch along.

May everyone have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

Volunteer State Community College

EMT Service Learning Project

Vol State classes go out into the community to do service learning projects throughout the year. The daytime Gallatin campus EMT class participated in a service learning project this semester with the Sumner County Schools Wellness Program. The students assisted the school nurses in obtaining vital signs, heights and weights for elementary school students. This is the second year the EMT class has participated. The nurses came to campus to award certificates to the instructors, Hunter Henson and Muff Farmer, and say thanks to the students.

Volunteer State Community College

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All Thursday Finals Happening as Scheduled

All Vol State day and evening finals Thursday will happen as scheduled. A reminder that if you had a final postponed on Wednesday night, it has been rescheduled for tonight (Thursday) at 7:30pm for Gallatin, McGavock and Livingston. Students at other off-campus sites who had finals postponed Wednesday night should contact their instructor for the new date and time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To clarify: final exams postponed

To clarify: all final exams starting at 6p.m. or later have been postponed until 7:30p.m. Thursday.  Includes Gallatin campus, McGavock, and Livingston. Thursday finals at 6pm will meet as planned. All-off campus location finals are also postponed. The instructor will contact students with the new time and date. Wilson Central History 2010 is also postponed. Students in this class should contact the instructor for details.

All evening final exams, all locations postponed Wednesday night

Due to weather concerns all final exams starting after 6pm tonight (Wednesday) have been postponed until tomorrow (Thursday) night. This includes the Gallatin campus, McGavock, and Livingston. The finals scheduled for tonight will now be held at 7:30pm Thursday in the same location. Thursday finals at 6pm will meet as planned. All-off campus location finals are also postponed. The instructor will contact students with the new time and date.

Wilson Central: HIST 2010 will not meet for exam tonight

Vol State Wilson Central Site: HIST 2010 551 will not meet for the exam at Wilson Central, tonight, Wednesday. Contact your instructor for the reschedule date and time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Important Information- Changes due to the weather conditions: Main Campus, Off-Campus and Livingston

Changes due to the weather conditions: Main Campus, Off-Campus and Livingston

-All finals scheduled for Monday before 10am on the Vol State main campus will be held on Friday at the same time and the same location. Some finals may have directions to another room, those will be posted on the door if that is the case.

-Livingston finals scheduled for Monday will be held on Friday at the same time and the same location.

-Livingston will open late at 9am Tuesday. All finals will be held that day, with times sliding. If you have a final scheduled before 9am, show up at 9am. See the schedule posted in the Livingston lobby when you arrive.

-If you could not make it to any main campus class on Monday after 10am or Tuesday, due to weather safety issues, you can reschedule the exam with your instructor. Every student has a right to make up a missed exam. Contact your instructor.

-McGavock will be open Monday night for exams as usual.

-Macon County final exams will be held as planned.

-Wilson Central will be closed Monday night. All Monday night exams will be rescheduled. Your instructor will contact you with details.

-Students taking evening classes at Springfield H.S. will be contacted by the instructor.

-For faculty: final grades must be submitted by midnight on Monday, December 20.

-For students: students should be able to see final grades posted by Wednesday afternoon December 22.

Coats, Coats and More Coats!

The Vol State Employee Relations Committee says that its third annual Coat Drive has well exceeded goals. Faculty, staff and students donated more than 200 coats this year. That's well above the total of 100 collected last year and even beats the goal of 150 for this year. The drive also took in dozens of scarves, gloves and hats.

"Everyone has been so generous," said Renee Byrnes-Eades.

The project is carried out in conjunction with the ABC News Warm Coats and Warm Hearts campaign, a partnership with Burlington Coat Factory to provide warm coats to those in need during the winter months. The bags of coats were packed up last week and taken to the 100 Oaks Burlington Coat Factory. From there, the garments will be cleaned and sent to the Nashville Rescue Mission. Many folks will keep warmer this year thanks to your support!
Volunteer State Community College

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vol State Delayed Opening 10 a.m Monday and Faculty and Staff E-mail Update

Vol State will delay opening on Monday, December 13 until 10a.m. on the main campus in Gallatin due to the weather. The Livingston campus will be closed Monday. Any finals earlier than 10 a.m. will be rescheduled as will all Livingston finals for Monday. Faculty and staff can now access their e-mail by going to the Faculty and Staff page of the web site and using the faculty and staff e-mail link. Any old bookmarks of the old faculty and staff e-mail system will not work, you must access through the Faculty and Staff web page.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Banner and Pride computer systems are up again

Vol State Banner and Pride computer systems are up again. Faculty and staff e-mail may be down for a while, possibly into weekend. Student e-mail is working.

Faculty and Staff E-mail Issues

The Vol State faculty and staff e-mail system is down and may remain down for some time today. The student e-mail system is working. The Vol State website is back up and running.

Power has been restored

The power has been restored to the Vol State Gallatin campus. The website is also online again. Classes will happen as scheduled today.

Power Disruption on Campus Today

Computer and phone systems are down at Vol State this morning due to a power disruption. This includes the College website. Crews are working on the problem now. Classes will continue as scheduled today.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanks from Afghanistan

Recently the Vol State EMS program held a donation drive to help soldiers in Afghanistan. Those soldiers really appreciated the effort. This is a note they sent in thanks to everyone who participated:

To all those that extended their support and patriotism through the donations received by Volunteer State Community College Students and Staff and those of Nashville Fire Department. We raised Approx. 300lbs of goods to send to Afghanistan through Christmas Donations which far exceeded expectations! The Soldiers currently serving overseas extend their thanks and this will surely bring them some Joy and Holiday Cheer, as well as letting them know that their sacrifices are NOT left unappreciated. Thank you for all your support! Attached Is a "Thank You" Photo from the soldiers that your donations were made, currently serving in North East Afghanistan mountains in the Korrenghal Valley, of the Kunar Province. Keep up the thoughts, prayers, and support for our brave troops!!

SSG Crews, Benjamin R.
E. Co., 3-398th, 95th Div
U.S. Army Infantry

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Phi Theta Kappa Reaches Five Star Status

This year Vol State Phi Theta Kappa students managed to set the bar to a higher standard by attaining a five star rating.

“In order to become five-star you are required to do a certain number of things,” said Kerensa James, PTK Vice President of leadership. “It has been years since we have been five-star.”

The honors in action study topic this year is “The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, Promise.” PTK students presented their project in front of a panel of Vol State professors. Several questions were asked by the students in order to shed light on how to improve the college experience for current and future college students.

“Our ultimate goal is to have more of an open communication and general understanding between students and professors,” said Jamie Blurton, PTK Vice President of service. “We have to provide a response for the administration.”

Questions about career preparation and the importance of technology were directed toward the professors.

In regard to preparation, several professors agreed that being passionate about the overall learning process is the key to a successful college experience.

“When college is done well, it is a chemical transformation in the person,” said Nancy Blomgren, associate professor of English.

“Students need to be active learners,” said George Pimentel, department chair, history, geography, political science, and associate professor of history. “Students need to know their strengths.”

PTK students were congratulated for all of the work that was put into this project, and attaining the five-star status.

“I think every chapter after us will be encouraged to be more active and work toward becoming a five-star chapter,” said Blurton.

Both the students and faculty expressed what an amazing opportunity this is for Vol State.

“It is always an honor when our students and clubs receive recognition, especially for their scholarly endeavors,” said Dr. Monique Robinson-Wright, director of student life diversity and initiatives.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vol State at Highland Crest Progress Update

Civic leaders from Springfield and Robertson County had an opportunity to tour the new Vol State at Highland Crest facility on Friday. There has been quite a bit of progress in the last few months. Workers are finishing roofing and the installation of windows. The framing inside the building and the electrical are ready to go. Streets leading up to the new campus are under construction, with curbs laid and the road bed down.

Vol State and Austin Peay State University will begin offering classes in the fall of 2011. When completed Vol State at Highland Crest will be a 25,000 square foot, two-story building including: four classrooms; a multi-purpose room; a science lab; an interactive television classroom; a bookstore; a library; a learning support center; and ten faculty offices

Vol State will run the new learning center with an on-site director, faculty and staff. Hiring is underway for those positions. Vol State classes will include general education requirement courses that apply to most of the degree and program options at the College. A number of specific academic programs are also under consideration for Highland Crest.

The college facility is located just south of NorthCrest Medical Center in Springfield on Highway 431 and then turning onto William A. Batson Parkway. We'll have updates on our web page at:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Festival of Lights Brings More Culture This Year

Various cultures were represented Wednesday December 1, at the annual Festival of Lights program at Vol State, in addition to the usual focus on Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Fettework Mecha is a student originally from Ethiopia and performed two songs from the Ethiopian Greek Orthodox Church. She said that she was performing church music for Christmas.

Students, faculty and staff were lining up to get their name written in calligraphy by Japanese student Yuko Tanaka.

“I want to introduce the Japanese culture,” said Tanaka. She said that in Japan, students learn calligraphy from elementary age, and continue to practice throughout the years.

The showstoppers performed a few holiday songs, and student Patrick Orianus sang one of his original songs while playing the piano.

Students seemed to enjoy the holiday food and beverages while watching the festivities.

Larry Leftwich said that he wanted to participate to try to catch the Christmas spirit.

At the end of the festival, the different departments at Vol State hung an ornament on the tree to officially start the holiday season.

Volunteer State Community College

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final Countdown

It is the time when the semester begins winding down, and final exams are less than two weeks away.

A few students shared their thoughts on the end of semester final exam process.

“In all honesty I’m very nervous because I don’t know how well I’m going to do,” said Ashley Fram, secondary education major. “I study and do what I can not to freak out. If I’m stressed, I know I’m going to fail.”

“I don’t like tests,” said William Baxter. “Tests give me the heebie jeebies.”

“I’m confident about it,” said pre-law student, Cameron Ligon. “The only one I feel nervous about is my evidence and procedure class since it is a group presentation.”

The Vice President of SGA, Buddy Daniel said, “You need to plan your study time so that it will be effective and increase your overall grade.”

Students should be aware that the schedule for finals may be different than their regularly scheduled class. The final exam schedule can be found here.

Volunteer State Community College

Environmental stewardship project presentations

Phil Clifford’s Biology 1040 class has put together environmental stewardship project presentations, which will be on display on Monday December 6, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the main hallway of the Warf building. The Vol State student Service Learning projects this year include:

-A sign for the community garden so everyone will know it is there (this is a continuation of a project they began in their leadership class.)

-Educating the public regarding safe disposal of old medications so they don’t contaminate our water supply (they are placing fliers in local doctor’s offices.)

-Giving away reusable shopping bags that were donated by Wal-Mart (this will be done during the presentation so, come get free bags!)

-A street cleanup on Lakeview road in Gallatin.

-A group went to local schools and taught children about recycling.

-A group is building safe nesting for birds – this will be placed here on campus.

-A group is promoting metal can recycling in their neighborhood.

-A group produced a video on composting with worms (vermiculture) that they will post on the Internet.

Everyone is invited to come take a look, and talk to the students about what they did this semester.

Volunteer State Community College