Friday, December 17, 2010

Passing the Torch

As the end of the year is coming to a close, I begin to think of new beginnings.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be employed in the public relations office here at Vol State for the past year and a half while completing my degree.

This position has paved the way for me to meet some extraordinary people, and taught me a great deal about reporting. I have had the opportunity to meet and interview several guest speakers including Pulitzer Prize winning author Nicholas Kristof.

Seeing the world through Asra Nomani’s eyes, if only for a couple of hours, when she was telling of her adventures as she demanded women’s rights to pray in the same area as the men in her mosque, was priceless. Having the opportunity to hear Lee Mun Wah speak about diversity, and having a one on one conversation with him was an amazing opportunity that cannot be put into words.

Not only have I had the opportunity to interview guests for print, I have had the unique opportunity to interview local politicians including Governor Bill Haslam on “Inside Politics,” Vol State’s cable television production.

Aside from the career and networking opportunities, I have made lasting relationships through my job here that will always be remembered. Getting to know the faculty and staff not just as a student, but as a co-worker and friend in some cases was one of the better parts of my position.

Interviewing different students for personal profiles not only helped make the blog interesting, but gave me the opportunity to make friends along the way.

I want to thank everyone over the past year and a half that has let me interview, photograph and video them for the blog. For everyone in the PR office, thank you for everything. Eric Melcher, you have taught me so much, and it has been an honor to be a part of your team.

For the next person that will take my place, I leave you with a bit of advice if I may. Really listen to the people you are talking to and have fun! I am passing the torch along.

May everyone have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

Volunteer State Community College

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