Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Build Your Resume With Community Service

Service Learning (SL) has been a great benefit to Vol State students since its implementation almost four years ago. It opens up doors for community involvement with real-world experience, while earning credit in participating classes. The many contributions and programs range from training elementary students in CPR, developing diversity skills for International business interaction and involvement in local outreach efforts, such as facilitating a Math and Science Expo for surrounding K-12 classes here on campus.

How does the college decide what community projects to get involved in? That is where the Service Learning Club (SLC) comes into play. This is a student club that empowers the members to visit local businesses and organizations, seeking worthwhile projects for Volunteer State Community College to contribute to our SL program. Critical thinking, problem solving, management training, and personal development are just a few of the skills that can be cultivated for those involved in this club.

Julius Virgo, coordinator for the Vol State Service Learning Club, was excited to lay out some of the reasons a student would get involved with this club. “Service learning in the class is just a small part of what we are doing. This is a great opportunity to stretch your mind and get involved with a program that will benefit our community while honing real-life work skills. Fusing education with local services to our partners is a great way to build a resume. Our club is just starting, and we are actively recruiting new members. We have close to 70 community partners as of right now. This also equips participants with tools that will aid them in a career path.”

SLC could be a great bridge building tool and also look good on your resume, adding some real world experience to back up your education. If you would like to learn more about this program please contact Julius at (615) 230-3315 or visit the SLC blog. You can also email Julius for more information.

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