Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vol State Students Perform in Ireland

Vol State President Dr. Nichols has been traveling in Ireland to build new partnerships for our International Education program. He has also had the opportunity to see our students in a travel-study experience. This picture shows Music Department Chair James Story performing in a pub with Vol State students. Here is Dr. Nichols latest blog entry:

Ireland-Day Three continued:

Just left the De Burca pub (1 a.m.) where we socialized with the local Rotarians and listened to Irish music. Our students, along with James Story and Dr. John Espey were still the life of the party.

Earlier today we attended the performance of the Vol State Singers at the Source. 250 plus students from the all girls school were in the audience, The place was standing room only and the girls were loud and enthusiastic in their cheers and appreciation of our students. While all our performers were well appreciated, you can only imagine the ear splitting screams and applause received by our young, male students. At the end of the performance, the girls stormed the stage by the hundreds to get a personal glimpse or perhaps a touch from the performers.

Tomorrow (actually later today) our students will have two performances. The first at 1:30 will see another 250 plus students from an all girl school in attendance. Later that evening, our students will perform for the general public.

John and I visited Father Tom earlier in the day and explained in more detail exactly what TnCIS and Vol State have to offer in terms of international study abroad. We have scheduled an additional meeting with the faculty of St. Patrick's for Thursday afternoon.

I will meet John and Ann-Marie at 8:30 this morning to walk approximately 2 miles to our next meeting. We will meet with several administrators from Tipperary Institute to develop partnerships. Later in the day we will meet with other local leaders over dinner and then attend a musical performance at another Pub known locally as "The Monks".

-Dr. Nichols

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