Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making Chocolate, Makes Memories

Not only are Vol State students learning about international law, but they are learning some of the more important things in life; like, how to make chocolate.
Thaxton Armbruster has been traveling in Europe as part of the Vol State International Education Program. Here are some of his thoughts from Belgium:

I would like to thank our college President and the Volunteer State Community College committee for allowing students to enjoy the pleasures of international education. There were a few things in my life that I wanted to accomplish and international traveling was one of them. Being able to learn about international law was amazing. To hear people’s opinions on their lawmakers decisions involving the future of their country was interesting and educational. Not to mention the food was great! There were so many different types of food to choose from. My favorite was Indian food the spices were incredible.

Noticing gas prices was an eye opening experience, at $6.79 a gallon, we have a few things to be thankful for as far as gas prices go. Being a logistics graduate, I noticed transportation methods. Many of the Class A types of trucks had side flaps for easy cargo loading and unloading. Many small business owners provided their own goods delivering services, most of the time it was in the back of their small compact car. Trains were differently there most used form of transportation. Having many different tracks to commute to and from destinations, was our man way to all of the tourism sites. We usually bought a jump pass for the day that way we could travel as much as we wanted for the day. The people were not so incredible at giving directions; it was a little frustrating at times not being able to find our way to and from our hotel. The trains coming and going were posted on travel boards all over the place but not all of them would agree with one another. Learning to get around was a big challenge we didn’t master until the third day.

I will take the memories that were made on this trip with me forever! It was all made possible, because of one community college’s dream to inspire, impact and be involved with their students.

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