Monday, July 25, 2011

Unclaimed Scholarship Money

Living from paycheck to paycheck is common on a college campus.  A large number of students at Vol State work more than one job, and juggle daycare, school, and family commitments. Money is tight for most community college students.  There is unclaimed scholarship money every year that might make the difference in someone staying in school or calling it quits.  The College Foundation is your resource to find out if you might qualify for some of that scholarship money. This is the link for the application.

Scholarships usually have a performance requirement and other stipulations attached to be eligible. You won't know if you're eligible unless you check. Many folks don't bother and that's why some scholarship money goes unclaimed each year.
Karen Mitchell is not only in charge of the College Foundation, but she is also a graduate from Vol State. 
“When I first started, I came here thinking this is a great job working for the college I went to, and I met my husband here too.  I just didn’t have a warm fuzzy feeling about scholarships, but that changed one afternoon,” said Mitchell.  “All our recipients are required to send a thank-you letter to the donor.  One day I went in and read all of those letters.  By the end of the day I was literally in tears when I saw the difference it was making in their lives.  Ever since then I have been passionate about my job.  A great thing about this particular job is that the college pays our administrative costs.  So every dime that a donor gives goes directly to the students.  Just fill out one application on the Financial Aid website and you are pretty much in the pool for almost all the scholarships and grants.  Students may think they don’t qualify when in reality they might.  We have some that are need based for those interested in a particular field.  Some donors may want to help future nurses, musicians, engineers, or EMT’s.  While others may focus on the age of a returning student, or they might want to assist single parents.  The donor recognizes that these students may have many life commitments outside of school, such as work or children that pull from their time and energy so the likelihood of them maintaining a straight “A” average is going to be tough.  Donors are aware of this and want to help.” 

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