Monday, October 24, 2011

What do Yale, Harvard and Vol State Have in Common?

Students from universities all around the world apply for a small number of White House Internships.  Vol State has joined the ranks of the prestigious colleges sending students to the program, now that alumnus Ian Smith has been accepted into the Joining Forces program at the White House.  Ian was motivated to apply for the internship after learning about an opportunity set forth by the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden to support military families.

Smith is a graduate of the Vol State  Emergency Medical Technician program and a military veteran.
“(It) was a natural fit for me to continue my role of service to my country," said Smith. "It offered me a new learning challenge, working first hand in public service at the national policy level."
"My primary duties include assisting with correspondence with the many great individuals and organizations that want to help support our veterans and their families. ..I also help manage the Executive Directors’ schedule and ensure that various meetings in the White House are facilitated.”
Smith said the program  began in September and ends in December.  
“I know that in my future, well after the White House Internship ends, I will continue to support individuals, programs, and agencies that have our veterans’ best interests at heart and who honor the fallen.  It is important work that we, as a country, must all join forces to do.”

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