Thursday, April 12, 2012

EMS Students - Bodies Everywhere

It looked like a real problem at first glance: bodies all over the place outside of the Annex buildings on the East Campus. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers were attending to some of the victims, while a number of folks just sat around and watched. The disaster simulation was designed to give Vol State EMS students experience in a mass casualty situation. Notes attached to each victim gave a list of injuries to be treated. To provide a full range of scenarios, those injuries ranged from cuts and broken bones to gunshot wounds. The folks watching were critiquing the student work.

Students took turn as triage coordinators and as first responders. The victims smiled perhaps a bit too much at times and needles and breathing tubes were only simulated. Still, it's another opportunity for Vol State EMS students to practice the skills they have been honing all school year. Many of the students will be taking the tension up a notch or two in May. They'll be participating in a huge Nashville area disaster drill at the Nashville airport. That annual affair often features smoke, whining sirens and the feel of a real disaster. The world of EMS is a career-long learning experience.

For more info on the EMS programs visit:

Volunteer State Community College EMT Paramedic

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