Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cafeteria Turns into Cyber Cafe: Free Computers and TVs

Cory Payne, Reid Burk, Alex Marzette, and Paul Williams
It has been a long time since the students of Volunteer State Community College have had a true place to just hang out and socialize in a space they can call their own. A remodel has turned the cafeteria into the Cyber Café, a place thought up and paid for by the student body.
“I’ve never been in a place that has TVs, computers, and a place where I can eat… this is nice,” said Alex Marzette.
Members of the Student Government Association formed a committee to become a “think tank” to help the Vol State Facilities Committee.
“SGA got involved because the project needed money, and it was great for the students,” said Joe Kaiga, chair of the Cyber Café committee.
“Every time we met, we would think of ideas to improve the cafeteria, like hey what if we got TVs in there, more outlets, we need paint, lighting, etc," said Kaiga.  “The Facilities Committee was willing to change things, and I had to learn the process of filling out the forms and asking for stuff,” said Kaiga.
“I think that it is going to be a good gathering place for students. Our students have not in many, many years had a gathering place,” said Vice President Patty Powell.
“It feels like a hangout spot and I don’t have to be quiet," said Kristen Tabor.
“I like to come in here and people watch,” said Angel Jett.
As students arrive on campus for the new semester and check out the café, they are already making suggestions for changes they would like to see made to the café.
Cyber Cafe
“It would be nice to have printers, but I’ve never been in a stressful situation where I needed one right away,” said Zoey Stretcher.
“If there was a different color in here, I would feel more comfortable,” said Jett.
“There are different ideas and we're still in the planning process of painting," said Kaiga. “Personally, I like the idea of showcasing artwork, so it can change it out every week.”
According to Kaiga, the Cyber Café is an on going process that students should always be willing to make improvements to.
The café should be expecting some possible painting, artwork, new lighting, and installation of cable to the flat screen televisions in the near future.  
The new Cyber Café is located in the cafeteria at the Wood Campus Center, next to the Vol State Grill.


Anonymous said...

Good article but have someone proof it for you. "If there was a different color in here, I would fill more comfortable." I'm pretty sure she said FEEL.

Margaret Blakemore said...

Thank you for your comment and for catching the error. I have made the change. My notes say "feel" lol. :)