Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change for the Better or Please Excuse the Mess

If you have been on the main campus during the summer semester, you are well aware of the construction that is taking place. However, you may be unaware of the specific reasons.
If you have ever been inside the Warf building, you have realized there were cooling and heating problems.

Kaitlin Strine, a current student whose Spring Anatomy class was in the Warf building stated, "We were freezing when the door was shut but burning up when the door was open."
Warf construction
Brook Cline also had classes in Warf. "It was always hot or cold, never comfortable," said Cline.
These issues are being resolved as new heating and air conditioning systems are being installed.  
Parking Behind Ramer
The area around Ramer, Wood, and Caudill will have new sidewalks and landscaping.
Numerous exterior improvements are taking place throughout the campus to coincide with ADA, making access easier for individuals with disabilities. 
I ran across a veteran who is returning to school this fall semester, as a new student with disabilities, he found the construction, "Most inconvenient, doors to the campus are not handicap accessible" said Dan Willard.
Those disabled entrances should be back open soon.
When speaking with new students on campus, they seem to have no real concerns with the developments taking place.
"Upgrade!" said Ryan Mlckovsky.
Ramer Great Hall
New students like Allison Huffaker, who sought help maneuvering from building to building, said she had no troubles. While Jenna Riplinger, who relied on a map, found getting around difficult when an exit door was shut off. "They make it inconvenient to get from building to building," said Riplinger.

Returning students who know the campus well were a little turned off with the developments. Brooke Cline said "I am used to walking a certain way. Now I have to take a new direction."
Sometimes in life it's good to seek a new direction, it can lead you toward a path of progress.


Shay said...

The real question is...when will the construction be done? Before fall semester? During fall semester? How long will we have to put up with it. I feel this article is lacking.

Paul Farmer said...

Great blog, Maggie! I have been on campus this summer and it wasn't too bad, once I found the best detour routes. Parking seems to be the biggest problem related to the construction. I look forward to reading your blogs.

Margaret Blakemore said...

Shay, thank you for taking the time to read the article and commenting with concerns. At this time a specific date for the end of construction is not yet set. Hopefully it will all be completed at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Paul, an article about parking is next! New parking lots are open as well.