Monday, August 27, 2012

Five Tips for Success in Class

The start of a new semester can be exciting as you get into new classes. However, as we all know it can get tough as the weeks go on and the work piles up. Here are five tips to help you have a successful semester.

1. Go to class. We know, this seems pretty obvious. But you'd be surprised how many students get behind after missing just a class or two.

2. Talk to your instructor if you're having problems. This also seems obvious, but some students are worried about discussing problems they are having understanding the class material. Talk to your instructor before you get frustrated and lost.

3. Take part in Supplemental Instruction (SI) if it’s offered in a course. Your instructor will let you know. SI is like a study group on steroids. Students who participate usually increase their grade by up to a letter.

4. If a class doesn’t have SI consider forming your own study group. Working with other students outside of class can really help.

5. Get extra help. We have several free labs and services to help you with study, homework, assignments, papers and research. Visit the College Success Zone website for details:
Have a great semester everyone!

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