Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finish Line Straight Ahead

Ben Roberts studing over notes
before heading to class.

Final exams are like a marathon. In order to run a marathon, an individual needs to train for the event. Sure there are those individuals who can jump straight into the race and go for it. Although those individuals are able to finish the race, they more than likely don’t win.

Students here at Vol State have jobs, families and other responsibilities to worry about, so finding time to study can be difficult for some.

“Going to class [and] doing the homework helps prepare for test,” said student Erin Welch.

Welch is a non-traditional student who said she had troubles studying her first time in college, but now she has learned new study habits and the fact that instructors give review sheets has really helped.

“There is always room for improvement,” said Drew Owens, when asked about preparing for finals.

“If the teacher can give you a study guide or tell you what will be on the test, that makes it a lot easier,” said Owens.

Some instructors may give review sheets, while others let students know what to expect on the test.

“[Preparing for a test] starts at the beginning of the semester,” said Linda Brady, associate professor of English.

Brady said that students should work all semester toward midterms and finals so they will not need to cram before the rest.
Bethany Gregg, Brandi Gregg and Maggie Briley
sit in the cyber cafe to study for a test in A&P II.

Michelle Vandiver-Lawrence, assoicate professor of foreign languages, agrees with Brady that studying for exams begins at the beginning of the semester. Vandiver-Lawrence gives her classes review sheets.

“Students are a lot more comfortable when they go in knowing what the test will be like,” Vandiver-Lawrence said.

As exam week approaches, students should do their best to prepare.

“I’m focusing on one test at a time,” said Maggie Briley.

"I took the whole week off in order to study for finals," said Owens.

Whether you are taking it one day at a time, taking the whole week to study for everything or cramming it all in at the last minute, good luck out there!  

For the exam schedule, click here.

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