Monday, March 18, 2013

Vol State help at work in Haiti

When the catastrophic earthquake destroyed Haiti in January 2010, many people wanted to help the victims. A Vol State student who experienced the quake wants to make sure the survivors are helping themselves, especially women. 
“I’m really close to my moms, especially my mom in Haiti," said pre-nursing student, Jean Bildad. "She explained many things to me about women in Haiti, and I wanted to know how I can change that, because I don’t want my little sister and cousin to grow up like that,” said Bildad.

He said there is much prostitution in Haiti because a lot of women lack a profession.

Bildad wanted to help those women gain a more fulfilling profession and be able to provide for their families, so he joined forces with the  Vol State Collegiate Ministry Organization and the VISA International club to collect sewing machines to send back to Haiti.

“Most women lost their husbands during the quake and their kids are fatherless now. This is a way for them (the women) to learn something really fast and they can look for a job in a factory to support their family,” Bildad said.

With sewing machines and cash being donated by the Vol State community, more than 16 sewing machines were sent to Haiti giving the women of Haiti an opportunity to learn a profession. Recently Bildad returned with pictures of the sewing machines in action.

"These sewing machines helped Haitian women earn money to help support their families," said French professor Kay Grossberg. "We are happy that everyone, students and faculty and staff, pitched in and helped in this project."

Bildad is overjoyed that the women who are learning to sew no longer have to prostitute themselves or beg for money. They can make clothes and other items to sell.

"It is more respectful for people to buy things from you, then to just give you money,” said Bildad. “Sometimes people are not going to help you if you do not help yourself.”

Meanwhile, Bildad is still raising funds and collecting sewing machines. The funds will be used to expand the school he wants to expand. If you would like to make a contribution or donate a sewing machine, please contact Prosperity of God Ministry-WFBC, P.O. Box 974, White House, TN 37188.

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