Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paralegal Grads at the Tennessee Supreme Court and How You Can Get Started in Paralegal

Donna Crimm (left) and Stephanie Wilson (right) are pictured here in the lobby of the Tennessee Supreme Court building where they both work. Donna Crim is a recent Vol State graduate with a certificate in Paralegal Studies. She started her job on May 1. Stephanie Wilson earned her associate degree in Paralegal Studies at Vol State last year. She finished in the summer and was employed by November. 

Are you interested in a career as a paralegal? The next Paralegal Studies open information session is June 13, 2013 in the Mattox building on the Gallatin campus at 1480 Nashville Pike starting at noon. Contact Loretta Calvert or Mary Eidson at 230-3303 for more information. Visit the Paralegal web page for more info about the program: 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interested in being an Emergency Medical Technician? Come to an info session...

Vol State has a popular Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program. Our grads are working for first responders and hospitals across Tennessee. They will be conducting advising sessions for the fall Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificate courses. The sessions will be conducted at the Vol State main campus in Gallatin on June 12, 2013 at 1 pm in the Caudill building auditorium and 6 pm in the Caudill building auditorium. Students interested in enrolling in the EMT classes at the Highland Crest campus in Springfield or our other off-campus sites should plan on attending one of the sessions. Please visit for more information and to sign up for an advising session.

Vol State Students Span the Globe: Our First Trip Report

Vol State students are traveling across the globe this month as part of the Vol State International Education travel-study program. We'll have several reports over the next week. The first is from Jesse Walker who is traveling in Europe right now:

Hey there!

I just wanted to write you a small bit about the trip so far!

I'm currently in Vienna, Austria. Today we started off with a walking tour of the city center. We saw Parliament and Town Hall buildings. We then used the metro system to travel to Belvedere (pictured). This palace is now an art gallery to some beautiful pieces from medieval, baroque, and many others periods. I'm studying Art Appreciation and our assignment was to observe the art to discuss it tonight during class. Hearing what others thought about it was a great way to pick up more information about the museum. 

After walking around the spectacular gardens surrounding the palace, we mailed some postcards and found a great restaurant serving the traditional weiner schnitzel. So good!

Class was held outside at the hostel today and once finished, we went to a small amusement park and rode the Ferris Wheel which provided panorama views of the entire Viennese skyline. Amazing!

We have a free day tomorrow so it will most likely consist of a few other museums (specifically the Freud and Mozart museums). We travel to Budapest, Hungary the following day. 

I'm having a great time and the trip is just getting started!!!

-Jesse Walker

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Until We Meet Again

I have become to think of Vol State as my second home, especially since I have spent more time on campus than I have at my actual home. The windowless newsroom in the Wood Campus Center can suck you in like a person with a gambling problem and you're inside a casino. Many nights I have spent in that room only to walk outside and realize it's a new day. Although coming back to college consumed most of my time, I would not trade my Vol State experience with anything in the world. 

When I first decided to come back to college in spring 2011, it was scary and exciting. I came into Vol State for testing on a Saturday, registered, and started my first class the same afternoon.  After being out of college for several years, and the only things that I had written were emails at work, it was no surprise that I needed to take a developmental writing class. Going from a developmental writing class to the social media writer for the school’s blog and editor of the school’s magazine within a year seems shocking, but I owe it all to the professors and instructors that I had here at Vol State.

Arlo Hall was my first instructor and he really inspired me to do my best when it comes to writing. Laura Black really helped me find my voice in her English class, and Grady Eades helped me structure my writing in his History class. Even with all my help from my instructors, without the Language Center and Susan Previte, I would have been lost. Once I started my communication classes, Clay Scott took everything that I thought I knew about writing and threw it out the window. Writing for media and AP (Associated Press) style is completely different from writing an academic paper. With the help of Eric Melcher and Scott I have learned to write for media, and also confuse myself when writing a paper for class.

I wish I could have spent my two years focusing mainly on literature, but it's mandatory to take other classes in the math, science and social science divisions. I really appreciate Carol Topping for making Psychology interesting enough to make me second guess my major in mass communication and think about neurology. Can you imagine me as a brain surgeon? Sounds funny, but she made it seem possible. Seth McCormick managed to teach me biology to where I could actually use it in everyday conversation, and Peggy Dyers stayed with me after class working on math problems that I did not understand during class. I truly do not believe that I would have received this hands on experience at any other school. Especially in the radio studio where I had my own radio show. Thanks to Howard Espravnik, I'm one step closer to being Oprah status!

Vol State has not been all academic, it has been a place to have fun and give back to the community. As a member of several clubs on campus, I have had the chance to work on several service learning projects as well as help entertain the students on campus with my involvement in student government and association of campus entertainment (ACE). I know that the student life office works extra hard to ensure that students feel like they are more than just a number, but a actual person who wants more from their school than just classes. Dr. Kenny Yarbough, Tabitha Sherrell and Lori Miller make it all possible, plus they listen to my rants.

It's not just the things that happen on campus, because of Vol State, I have been able to travel this beautiful country of ours as well as other countries. Thanks to the International Study Program, I have been to France, Holland, and Belgium. I am gearing up to travel to China this summer. I owe the world to Anne-Marie Ruttenbur for being a good friend and mentor to me and all of the Vol State students who travel the globe with the help of Dr. John Espey.

I have really enjoyed the past two years at Vol State and I know that I do not have to say good bye to anyone, because I’m sure that we will see each other again.  Thanks to all the professors I have ever bugged with all my questions, everyone in student services, especially Patty Powell. And a big thanks to everyone in the Public Relations Department, for taking a chance on a writer who started her writing career in a developmental class. Tami Wallace is the best boss a person can ask for, and Lesa Durham and Holly Nimmo are so helpful, because they are all knowing. Jason Bugiada and Jefferson Furtado kept me entertained in the P.R. office. Because of my position, I have had an opportunity to meet so many interesting people who have been apart of Vol State, as well as individuals from around the world. I have also had the chance interview celebrities like former NBA player John Salley and a high profile attorney, Ray Whitley. These two years have been absolutely amazing. This is not me saying goodbye, but this is me saying, see you later. Once a Pioneer always a Pioneer!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The New Vol State Student Designed App

Have you ever wondered where a certain office was on Vol State's campus or an office’s phone number? Well now there is a student designed app for that. Vol State students in the "Introduction to Programing Logic Using Mobile Applications" class has spent most of the semester working on Campus Hound, a mobile app to assist students around campus.
“This is strictly for the android platform,” said  instructor Dan Arena. "It's bound to be found by campus hound."

The app has mapping features to give you directions to anywhere on campus, a directory of frequently called numbers, the academic calendar, and RSS feeds to campus news and information sources to let students know what’s going on.

"I think the new app is cool," said John Hogan. "I hate having to go online when I need to find a professor or phone number." 
“There is a feature kind of like the Siri feature where you can talk and say things like Bookstore and the app will call the bookstore,” said Arena.

"That (Campus Hound) would be pretty helpful when I'm looking for the Bookstore's phone number, like yesterday when I couldn't find it anywhere," said Josh Maggart.

Maggart said that he looks up things involving Vol State all the time and he has found them one way or another, but now he has downloaded Campus Hound and he believes it will save him a lot of time previously spent on Google searches.
The students in Arena's class have come up with everything for the application, from the graphics to the name to the branding and marketing plan.

You can now download the app by scanning the QR code to the left or at the Google Play Store by searching "Campus Hound" or "VolState". Sorry, but this app is not available for iPhones or iPads. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey incoming freshmen, check out this program designed especially for you...

Hey, incoming freshmen...check out this program designed especially for Kristi Huffine for more info at or 230-3619.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Interview to go with that Great Picture

You may have seen this photo from the Tennessean on Facebook and the blog earlier this week. It shows one of our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) students helping a runner at the recent Music City Marathon. It was such a great photo we wanted to learn more about how Vol State EMS students participated that day, so we talked to Doyle Walker, the dedicated first responder in the picture. He's been in EMS for many years and had a different spin on what happened that day.

"The runner crossed the finish line. He was wobbling a bit so two of us grabbed him," said Walker. His legs went out so I picked him up and took him to the medical tent."

The original story from the newspaper had Walker taking the runner across the finish line. It's still shows the effort and dedication of our students. Walker says working the Marathon helped broaden his experience.

"I've been in EMS since 1997 and it's always been in the ER or in an ambulance. Those of us at the finish line were there for patients who were having trouble finishing. You look to pick out the ones who need to be treated. They suffered from dehydration, hypothermia, hyponatremia, we had two patients with contractions going into labor. Muscles cramps and dehydration were the main thing, though."

25 Vol State EMS students and faculty worked at the Marathon. Most were working in one of the medical tents, but five were picked out to help at the finish line. Congrats to all of our EMS students and faculty who worked the event. You did us proud. And a special thanks to photographer Jae S. Lee with the Tennessean for taking such a great photo. Here are the other students:

Andrew Bell

Dustin Woodard/Beard

Doyle Walker

Charles Price

Alex Bonick

Tammy Rawls

Tyler Cothron

Kyle Cravens

Stephen Jernigan

James Solomon

Mathew Lauger

Erich Czaplinski 

William Frazier

Sam Turner

Tiffany Morris

Russ Heflin

Zackaria Mrayan

Vol State Student YouTubing his way to the Top

As we have learned in college, it’s not always what you know but also who you know. With social media available in the palm of your hands, networking has never been so easy.Vol State student Shane Michael is using multiple social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more to network with individuals all over the world in order to pursue his dream of music.  
Michael is a hip-hop artist who does not use profanity. He says his music is more about life stories that people can relate to and he uses social media to tell his story.
“It gives you a way to be able to socialize and build a relationship with your fan base,” said Michael. “It lets them know what type of artist you are.”
Michael says that he uses social media sites every day for networking opportunities.
“Without an audience you are nobody. You have to have supporters to keep you going,” Michael said.
With almost 2,500 subscribers to his YouTube channel, Michael feels that his music is being supported.
In March, Michael said that YouTube contacted him to be a part of “Playlist Live,” a showcase for the top YouTube artist. The showcase was held in Orlando, Florida.  
“There is a lot of talent on YouTube,” Michael said. “I was one of the main rappers that were chosen, and it feels good to be picked out of all that talent.”
Between exposure at the Playlist Live showcase and networking online every day, Michael has garnered radio play in his home state of Michigan, in Massachusetts and even in Australia. Fans in Ireland often contact him via Twitter.
“If I didn’t have social media, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Michael said.