Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vol State Student YouTubing his way to the Top

As we have learned in college, it’s not always what you know but also who you know. With social media available in the palm of your hands, networking has never been so easy.Vol State student Shane Michael is using multiple social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more to network with individuals all over the world in order to pursue his dream of music.  
Michael is a hip-hop artist who does not use profanity. He says his music is more about life stories that people can relate to and he uses social media to tell his story.
“It gives you a way to be able to socialize and build a relationship with your fan base,” said Michael. “It lets them know what type of artist you are.”
Michael says that he uses social media sites every day for networking opportunities.
“Without an audience you are nobody. You have to have supporters to keep you going,” Michael said.
With almost 2,500 subscribers to his YouTube channel, Michael feels that his music is being supported.
In March, Michael said that YouTube contacted him to be a part of “Playlist Live,” a showcase for the top YouTube artist. The showcase was held in Orlando, Florida.  
“There is a lot of talent on YouTube,” Michael said. “I was one of the main rappers that were chosen, and it feels good to be picked out of all that talent.”
Between exposure at the Playlist Live showcase and networking online every day, Michael has garnered radio play in his home state of Michigan, in Massachusetts and even in Australia. Fans in Ireland often contact him via Twitter.
“If I didn’t have social media, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Michael said.

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