Monday, July 22, 2013

Important Dates Leading Up To Fall Semester

It's time to get ready for fall semester at Vol State and that means you probably have plenty of questions about when fees are due or financial aid refund info.  

Here are the important dates from the Business Office:

•Fall Fees Due – August 14, 2013 (beginning 8/14/13, fees due on date of registration)
•Purge daily process begins – August 15, 2013
•Dual Enrollment Fees Due – August 14, 2013
•Billing dates – all e-bills, July 26, August 2, and August 9, 2013 (no paper bills mailed)
•E-bill reminder post cards mailed August 6, 2013 (this is the only mailed billing notification)
•Priority deadline to set-up direct deposit – August 16, 2013
•Campus bookstore charges – August 17-21, 2013 (only for eligible students notified by F/A)
•College at Home Saturday and official start of semester – August 24, 2013
•Late registration fee begins – August 26, 2013
•Last day to register through PRIDE Online for full term – August 28, 2013
•Financial aid refund processing begins – August 26, 2013
•First day to mail financial aid refund checks – August 27, 2013
•Refund processing for dropped classes will begin – September 9, 2013

This is a link to the academic calendar. Just make sure you click academic under the calendars selection. It will show you fall break dates etc. Fall classes start August 24.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Five Tips to Start Your Vol State Experience on the Right Foot

Five Tips to Start Your Vol State Experience on the Right Foot

Get advice. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing that classes you took won’t count towards a specific degree. College can be complicated. Your advisor and the Advising Center can help you. That will only work if you touch base at least once a semester. And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Be clear about your Financial Aid. These days there are caps on how many hours you can take and still apply financial aid. Listen closely to the requirements and ask plenty of questions. Also beware of debt. Just because you can get many loans for college, or you have room on your credit card, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Consider your major and what you will realistically be able to pay back.

Get involved. Students who get involved in campus clubs and activities tend to do better. Have some fun, make some new friends and enjoy what the campus has to offer.

Get extra help. You’re not in this alone. We have many academic support services that can help you with everything from papers to math homework. If Supplemental Instruction is offered in a course you are taking, take advantage of it. SI students improve their grades by an average of one letter.

Ask questions. Your instructor can help you if you have trouble understanding the material- but only if you ask. Partner with people in your class for study sessions. Students can really help each other along the way.