Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrate Other Cultures During International Week

When I meet someone that is from a different part of the world or has a different culture than me, I am immediately interested. I love learning about different parts of the world and understanding their way of life: food, marriage, music, and even religion.

This is International Education Week here at Vol State. Throughout the week there will be events tailored around an international theme.

In the cafeteria today, I participated by trying three different international beverages, including a very interesting and strong ginger drink from Africa. I also received recipe cards so that I could make the drinks myself at home.
Jacob Young samples the international beverages.

Anne-Marie Ruttenbur, who is the coordinator of International Education at Vol State, went into great detail about the upcoming events this week.

"I think that each day will give everyone a chance to look into different cultures and learn something new," said Ruttenbur.

Anne-Marie Ruttenbur provided different beverages to sample.
"Tomorrow we will have international weddings in the Ramer Great Hall. We will have countries represented such as India,China, Ireland, and the United States.""We'll also be doing Mehendi art, which is a part of Indian culture in weddings."

During the international weddings event anyone can stop by and receive Mehendi art. Also known as henna, it's an intricate design of patterns drawn onto your hands and feet, symbolizing the deepening of bonds with your future husband.

On Wednesday, the topic is "Around the World in a Day". Everyone can stop by and see the many different countries that students and faculty have traveled to. This will be held in the Nichols Dining Room from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, with lunch available at 12:30pm.

On Thursday, you can hear from international scholars visiting the United States as part of the Humphrey's Fellows Program at Vanderbilt. There will be speakers from countries such as Mauritania, Pakistan, and Russia from 6:00-8:00 p.m. You can also enjoy international food samples.

The grand finale of International Week will be Friday with an International Celebration in the Cafeteria.There will be different genres of music and an array of appetizers from different countries.

International Education Week could open your mind to a world more varied than you could imagine.

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