Friday, December 6, 2013

Crunch Time for Finals - Tips From Students

The end of the semester is near and final exams are fast approaching. It's crunch time. Preparing for final exams can be a nightmare for students, especially when the rest of the world goes on as normal. In addition to final exams, there are other major stressors, such as  final projects and papers to add to your to-do list. We asked some students for their study tips and advice for managing time during finals week.
James Davis reviews over his notes for Philosophy.

When studying do you wait until two days before, cramming all subjects in such a small time frame? Or do you prepare weeks before, reading over notes and quizzes and joining study groups?

James Davis, a sophomore here at Vol State, relies on organization and note taking to prepare himself for exams.

"I would definitely recommend that you utilize all of your resources, get into study groups, communicate with your instructors, and take notes," said Davis. "Not every student is going to take the same notes in a lecture, so get into study groups and find out what the key points your peers heard."

Stephanie Seng relies on color coordinating her notes.
Vol State student Stephanie Seng reviews her notes that she has collected throughout the semester.

"I am a highlighter, even though I have been told not to. I color coordinate the color of my ink pen with my highlighter, and use that for each chapter, so referring to certain material is easier for me,"said Seng.

"While I am studying I chew gum and when I take the test I chew the same piece of gum. I know that it seems weird, but it helps me remember my material," said Stephanie while laughing.

So whether you use candy or gum for a memorization tactic or  use visual aids, just remember that if it works for you stick to it. Not all tips and study habits work for everyone the same.

I usually prepare a timetable of what I have to cover, taking breaks in between. With the schedule that I have outside of school, cramming seems like the only option, but I know that will only result in stress and disorganized learning. Throughout the semester I keep a binder of notes,handouts, etc. that my professor has provided me. When crunch time approaches, I take those notes out and review them.

I wish everyone luck on their exams and hope that everyone can have a great winter break.

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