Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LGBTQI Rally Thursday

Vol State is hosting a LGBTQI (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender,Questioning,and Intersex) awareness rally tomorrow,Thursday March 6.

Dr. Kenny Yarbrough, Director, Student Life and Diversity Initiatives, is the brain behind this event. He hopes to raise awareness for these communities and help bring our campus together no matter what our differences are.

"My role at the college as Director of  Diversity Initiatives prompts me to continue to educate not only our students but the entire college as well. I am hoping that this day enlightens all of the needs of the LGBTQI communities,"said Yarbrough.
"I want to start bringing programming to our campus to raise our social awareness.Universities across the country have similar events and I want to expose our students to that level of programming," continued Dr.Yarbrough.

Regardless of what personal beliefs that people may have, we can arrive at the same conclusion that we are all human, and should be treated with equality. The LGBTQI rally hopes to bring that type of unity and awareness during the rally.

The rally will also feature guest speaker, Dr. Derrick Tennial, author and assistant director of curriculum and instruction at Georgia Perimeter Community College. Tennial will host a presentation on his latest book titled,"Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Author Dr. Derrick Tennial,will the guest speaker at rally.
"Dr. Tennial is a published scholar and author,"said Yarbrough."He has written several books on what is acceptable of LGBTQI and is an up and coming speaker."

In addition to "Dont Ask,Don't Tell", Tennial has wrote " Marginalized Men", which are stories about same- gender loving African American ministers. His second book, "Be Reconciled", deals with pertinent issues among the same-sex community.

I asked Dr. Yarbrough what he hopes that students and member of the Vol State Community will receive from this event.

"We all have basic needs and wants,wanting to belong is one of those. Everyone has that right to have the feeling of belonging.""We can choose how to live and even believe what we wish;but everyone should have that right."

"This event is designed to bring awareness not only to the communities themselves but also their individual plights and concerns, and how they equate to being a student.

The rally will begin at 12:45 p.m.-2:15 p.m. in the Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room. Following the presentation, Dr. Tennial will hold an open discussion on issues related to the LGBTQI community.Refreshments will be served following the presentation, which is free and open to all students.

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