Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Studying? There's an App for That

Chances are you have a smartphone. It's also highly likely you use that device to tweet, post status updates, and Snapchat.
While there's a multitude of applications that allow you to easily pass the time, there's also a number of apps that can help you study.
Study apps are becoming more and more popular. In fact, they're becoming so popular, people like Connie Simpson, an instructor with Vol State's Supplemental Instruction program, is even using them in some of her sessions.
"It's all at your fingertips. You used to just carry around your notes with you, but now you can use your phone, which you always have you anyway," she said.
One of the most popular apps Simpson has used is Quizlet, which allows the user to develop sets of flash cards for whatever they might be studying.
Student Heather Jankowski said apps like Quizlet offer an easy way to get studying done without having to carry your books around all the time.
"Everybody has their phone, so you can download an app and study any time you want," she said.
Here's a list of a few free apps that might make your studying easier as the semester moves on:
Quizlet: Create sets of flash cards and other study tools for a variety of subjects (Available for iOS and Android devices)
Evernote: Take notes, collect research materials, and access everything you collect across a range of devices (Available for iOS and Android devices)
StudyBlue: Create online flash cards and note sets (Available for iOS and Android devices)
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