Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Family Affair: Mother and Son Learning to be EMTs

Going through college can be stressful, but when you have family by your side, navigating the ups and downs of college life is a bit more manageable.

Tishia and Asa Tucker are a mother and son who are working their way through Vol State's Emergency Medical Technician program. They attend classes at the Springfield campus.

The Tuckers decided to go into the EMT program at Vol State after a family emergency involving Tishia's husband. Knowing what people in that field go through on a daily basis will help the family in the future.

"A couple of years ago, I had decided to go into the EMT program and something happened and I couldn't do it. My husband is disabled, and I decided to go ahead and take that opportunity and start the program, so here we are," she said.

Asa joined his mom after graduating from high school last December after seeing how EMTs worked with his family. Initially, Asa and his mom never thought they'd be going to college together.

"It never crossed my mind before. It wasn't something that was on my bucket list," Tishia said.

Asa agreed.

"It's one thing for your mom to drop you off at school, but it's another when she goes into class with you," he said.

Despite the inherit awkwardness of going to class with his mom, Asa said it does have its benefits. For one, they are able to help one another with studying since they are both going through the same program. Not every student is able to have that kind of support system, but Tishia said it's a good thing to have as they continue to work through the program.

"We actually have each other to depend on and kind of lean on a little bit," she said.

Of course, going through the same program together also fuels their competitiveness, which makes the Tuckers work harder.

"In a way, it makes it more fun, but it also makes it more stressful sometimes," Asa said.

When the Tuckers graduate together in May, they'll be able to share a story not many in college can — the fact that they completed the program as mother and son.

"It's going to be good memories to have. Not many moms can say they graduated with their son from college," Tishia said.

For more on the Tuckers, and life as an EMT student, check out the video below.

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