Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Swing the Stress Away: Vol State Offers Table Tennis Course

When building your schedule for the semester, it's important to remember to take at least one class for fun. You'll gain class credit and you won't go crazy from keeping your nose stuck in a book.

What kind of fun class should I take, you ask? Two words: table tennis.

Yes, Vol State offers a table tennis class that meets twice a week every semester for seven weeks. The class, which is listed in the course catalog as PHED 1110, is designed to take students through the fundamentals of the game, offering a study of rules, techniques, and skills of the popular pastime.

"We go over the basic rules and etiquette of the game, as well as the different spins and techniques of playing table tennis. We like to get in some tournament play as well," said adjunct instructor Andy Yarbrough. "We always have a wide range of folks in here. Some people have been playing for years. Others have been playing for just a couple of months, and some have never played before."

First-year student Dustin Cowan signed up for the class after he discovered it was offered. With a full plate of classes that have him putting in a lot of study hours, having something like table tennis is the perfect way for Cowan to relax a little bit during a hectic week of classes.

"There's no homework, no projects, nothing like that, so when I come into this class, I get to do what I want to, plus if a student wants to sharpen their skills or just blow off some steam, this is the class for them. It's a serious class, but it's fun at the same time," he said.

Yarbrough said the class has normally received a lot of positive feedback as a one-hour elective.

While the class might be fun, Yarbrough also said it's a way to teach students about an activity they can keep up for the remainder of their lives.

"This is a course that teaches you a sport you do lifelong. Many sports are tough to play lifelong, but this is something you can stay active with," he said.

The classes tables, Robo-Pong machine, and barriers were all donated to the school by Newgy Industries, Inc., a Gallatin-based table tennis company.

For a look at the class, click on the video below.

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