Monday, December 1, 2014

Prepping for Finals: How to Not Fall Behind

Students study in the Thigpen Library.

Congratulations, you're almost there. The end of the semester is in sight, and you can smell Christmas break just around the corner.
But you're not out of the woods yet. Finals will be here before you know it, and the best thing you can do to ensure smooth sailing for the end of the semester is getting a head start on all of your studying by not procrastinating.
"I'm really bad about that, and I'll have to definitely plan it out. I'm a planner, so I have to have it scheduled out," said freshman business major Hope Houston.
Houston said she's a little stressed out by the thought of finals, but she's excited to get through them in order to enjoy her break.
Sophomore Seth McCoy said his hardest final will be his Human Anatomy & Physiology exam.
"Those are the hardest classes I have, so I'm just going to study with groups and with myself, mostly," he said.
McCoy said the key to studying with a group is by making sure you're actually studying and not just hanging out with one another.
That's a tip Supplemental Instruction leader Connie Simpson said is very important to remember if students are planning on getting together for a group session before finals week.
"Don't use it as a social get-together time. It's the holidays. Everybody is ready for school to be over. Don't let the holidays get you. Make sure you're taking the time you need to go back over the entire semester's worth of tests," she said.
If you are planning on having a study group, Simpson recommended getting together with people from your class to make sure you are looking over the material supplied by the instructor.
The biggest study tip is making sure you're not waiting until the last minute to hit the books.
"You'll find when you get to the last week, you won't remember things you learned 15 weeks ago. Start early. Attend any Supplemental Instruction sessions there might be. If you have a class that has Si, attend those sessions," Simpson said.
Fellow SI leader Heather Jankowski said SI leaders can try to help students who might not have an SI component to their class.
"Even if you don't have SI for your class, you can come in and we can help you with any study tips or anything you might want," Jankowski said.
A finals schedule can be found by clicking here. For more information about Supplemental Instruction sessions, click here.

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