Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tips for Spring Classes

Spring classes start January 20. Registration is open now for all students. New and readmit students will need to apply first.

Spring class fees are due on January 9. You can pay online, over the phone, or in person at all three campuses. Here is more info on all methods. If you don't pay your fees by the due date they will be purged from the computer system and you will have to re-register. So, please, pay your fees when they're due.

The Spring 2015 bookstore charge dates for financial aid students are shorter this year. The dates are Jan. 13 &14, 2015. Students with qualified financial aid will be able to begin charging once they’ve received the email saying that they qualify in their student email. Start checking on January 12. Students can charge at the Vol State Bookstore in Gallatin in person or by visiting the Bookstore online.

Current students can use College Scheduler and Degree Works to help plan their classes. Stay focused and take the classes you need for your degree. 

We hope everyone has a great Christmas break. Consider registering or taking care of business for Spring soon. It only gets busier as we get closer to the start of classes.

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