Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Important Vol State Gallatin Entrance Changes

The Humanities Building construction on the Vol State Gallatin campus moves to another level this week, and that means significant road closures and traffic changes.

There is currently a road closure going to and from the back entrance to the college at Greenlea. It will last for several months. When you come onto campus from the back entrance you will not be able to turn right and go towards Caudill and Wood. You will only be able to go left and head towards the back parking lots, Wallace South parking (employee and disabled only), the Art Building, and ultimately Pickel Field House. Students who have classes in the Science Field Station (Vet Tech and a few others) will only be able to approach from the back entrance and will be the only ones allowed to take a right turn to go to the Science Field Station.

Traffic may get congested near Pickel, so you may want to consider using the Gap Blvd entrance.

Starting the week of February 2 there will be lane closures at the main entrance to the college off of Nashville Pike. You will be able to enter and leave, but it will be down to one lane in each direction. It will be especially tough for people with larger pickup trucks and SUVs to navigate the tight turns required. These closures will last several months.

It would be best to consider long-term changes in how you get into the college and where you park. The back entrance to the college will remain an excellent way to park in the rear lots and probably have the least congestion. Gap Blvd. will be free from construction, but may get congested.

A reminder that the parking spaces in front of the construction trailer located in the TC-parking lot next to the tennis courts is construction parking only. Please do not park there, it's for construction workers. Thanks.

We know these changes will be an inconvenience for all of us. However, the Humanities Building is an important part of the college's future. We thank-you for your patience and understanding. 

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