Monday, March 2, 2015

Vol State Events this Week

Mar. 2                   Discussion: “Created Equal: Loving v. Virginia” by Carole Bucy, Rochelle Center of Thigpen Library, 12:20pm

Mar. 2                   One Book: The Effects of Hip Hop on Society, Pickel Gym, 9am

Mar. 2                   “Cycling: Lycra Not Required, Pickel 101, 12:15pm

Mar. 2                   Lecture: Was Lindberg a Nazi? by Peter Johnson, Thigpen, 12:20pm

Mar. 3                   Lecture: Race, Slavery & American Values, by Grady Eades & Nancy Blomgren, Caudill 102, 11:10am

Mar. 4                   Speaker: Zohra Sawari, Thigpen, 12:30pm

Mar. 5                   Lecture: Intro to Gamification in Education, by Michael Torrence, Thigpen second floor, 2pm, open to faculty, staff and students

Mar. 6                   Chili/Soup for Books, fundraiser- $5 for lunch, Nichols Dining Room, 11:30-1:30pm

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