Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Get Ready for Spring Classes - See Your Advisor Now

Spring semester may seem like a long way off, but priority class registration for current students opens up on November 9 for sophomores (30 credit hours or more) and November 10 for freshmen (less than 30 hours credit). That means you need to start planning what classes you want to take now.

Why is priority class registration important? Classes can fill up quickly. You want to make sure you get the classes you need for your major and degree, at the times that you want. Priority registration means that current students can register for spring classes before new students and the public. If you're taking classes this fall, you can priority register.

The steps are simple:

-Make an appointment to see your academic advisor.

-Your assigned advisor is listed on your My Vol State personal information page.

-Use Degree Works to figure out what classes you need for your particular degree and major. You can find it under the Academics tab on My Vol State.

-Meet with your advisor to make sure you know what classes you need to take next, using what you learned on Degree Works as a starting point.

-Pick the classes you need for your degree. If you stay on track with the correct classes for your degree and major you will save time, money and avoid frustration later. This is especially important for TN Promise and other financial aid students. You need to stay on a strict schedule to stay eligible. 

-Use College Scheduler on My Vol State to help you find the best class times for you and create a schedule.

-Take part in priority registration on your assigned date. It starts at 8 a.m. each day. Remember, this is just when priority registration opens. You have about two weeks before classes will open to the public. A lot of the best class times will go quite quickly, though.

If you have problems using Degree Works or College Scheduler you can visit the Advising Center for help. You can also call them at 615-230-3702.

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