Monday, November 30, 2015

Spring Registration Now Open for Everyone - Classes Start January 19

Spring classes start soon at Volunteer State Community College. New and readmit students should apply now. The college has several new classes and programs coming up this spring. One timely course will be POLS 280T: 2016 Presidential Campaign. Political Science professor Scott McMillan will cover the action in the primaries and the workings of presidential campaign politics. The course will also explain the primary process and campaign finance. Music students can participate in the new Wind Ensemble at the college. Those looking for a new career can consider Environmental Technology. Each certificate takes one semester and the two certificates build on each other. The program is designed to provide students with the background they need to work in the growing utilities field, including water and wastewater management, gas and electric.
Vol State graduates transfer to four-year schools across the country. Tennessee Transfer Pathways can show a student, by major, exactly what classes they should take at Vol State in order to transfer to a particular university, with all of the credits applying to the university major. The agreements include majors at many state and private universities. Staying on track can help students take only the classes they need and that can help students save money. Vol State has a list of majors and universities that are part of the pathways on the website
Vol State offers day, evening and Saturday classes in a variety of formats including online courses and hybrid courses, which combine traditional classroom meetings with online coursework.
The spring semester starts on January 19. Course registration is open now for all students. New and readmit students will need to apply first. The application process can be completed online at or in person. Call 615-230-3688 for more information on how to get started.

Events this Week at Vol State

This week at Vol State:
Nov. 30 Fantasy- A Student Exhibition, Artisan’s Alliance, Cafeteria, 11am-2pm
Dec. 2 Festival of Lights: music, food and fellowship, Cafeteria, 12:45pm
Dec. 4 Christmas Music Concert and CD Release, Caudill Hall, 7:30pm, $5 donation
Dec. 5 Christmas Music Concert and CD Release, Caudill Hall, 7:30pm, $5 donation

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Extreme Office Makeover: Student Remodels Area Children's Services Facilities

Anna, Ken, and Parker Wilson
Anna Wilson has a heart for children, and she's putting that love into action with her work in Vol State's Early Childhood Education program. Recently, Wilson performed a makeover on the waiting rooms in two area children's services facilities by providing a place where kids can be kids.

As part of Wilson's assignment in her initial Early Childhood Education practicum, she was required to remodel a center in an early childhood setting. As a foster mom and someone who runs an in-home daycare, Wilson saw a need for something different in the waiting rooms of area facilities. To meet that need, Wilson decided to contact the Cheatham County Department of Children's Services with an idea to make the waiting room a more inviting space for the many children who go in and out of the building all day.

"I felt like it was a great opportunity to do something outside the box. I had been in several different meetings where all of the children were required to be there and they were going insane," she said.
The office before the makeover.

Starting at the Cheatham County office, Wilson cleaned out the toy box, reorganized things, and separated the toys based on age. She then added puzzles, art sets, workbooks, stuffed animals, and a calm-down kit. A "cozy corner" was also added to encourage parental involvement.

"There was nothing set up in a way that promoted play or helped them become comfortable in that room. It's supposed to be a visitation room with parents, and the room was not set up in a way that was conducive to encourage parental involvement with the children at all," she said.

The office after things were added and tidied up.
The remodeled waiting room was so successful, Wilson performed a second makeover at the Robertson County office. The project's success gave Wilson the chance to practice what she was learning in her classes, which is something instructor Penny Duncan was hoping for when she assigned the project to her students.

"It demonstrates that she's an advocate for young children. She has compassion and integrity that's above and beyond a lot of students that I see. It shows that she wants to make a difference in the community that she lives in to help kids," Duncan said.

For Wilson, the chance to make a difference in the lives of any child is worth the work she put into the project.

More materials added to the waiting room.
"I felt like this project was really special to me, because it's something that needed to be done. It was something I was proud to do, and I knew it would affect children that were in my home directly, and that's a really cool feeling," she said.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Don't Be a Statistic - Commit to College Completion

Does it seem like you are falling behind in your classes? Have you considered dropping out?
College isn’t easy. Many community college students drop out. Don’t be a statistic. You can do this and we will help you each step of the way. Your goal and our goal is the same and it’s simple: graduation. You need to get that certificate or degree. Here are some tips on how to do it:
Get focused and stay on track: Meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester. Pick a major and a degree plan as soon as you can. Take only the classes you need for your degree. How do you do that? Take charge of your college career with free tools, such as DegreeWorks and College Scheduler. You’ll find them on your My Vol State page.
Keep going:  Community college students face a real challenge with time. The longer college takes, the less chance you have of graduating. Does that mean you can’t do it as a part-time student? Of course not, but it’s best to take multiple classes each semester. Clearly, you don’t want to get overwhelmed by taking more classes than you can handle. We know its tough balancing work, family and school. Still, the quicker you get through college, the better chance you have of succeeding. Consider online courses and summer courses, but first speak with your academic advisor.
Don’t give up, if you run into problems. Visit the Advising Center for help. Is life getting in the way of college? They will have ideas on how you can keep going to school. The Vol State Advising Center can be reached at 615-230-3702. It’s in the Ramer Administration building, room 174, in Gallatin. You can also ask for advising help at the front desks of Livingston and Highland Crest.
Get free academic help. Is there one particular class that you can’t seem to pass? (We all have that one class.) Make sure you get extra help. Many courses have free Supplemental Instruction study groups. The college also has free help with papers and speeches in the Language Center and free help with Math in the Learning Commons. Smarthinking provides free online tutoring in many subjects.  Did you notice that we keep saying “free”? Here's a list: College Success Zone
Graduation is the goal. Whether you want to get a job after graduating with a career degree from Vol State or transfer to a college or university for a four-year degree, the common goal is graduation.

You can do this. We will help.

      Commit to college completion.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

There will be no Vol State classes held on Wednesday, November 25, but Vol State will be open for business during normal hours. The whole college will be closed November 26, 27 and 28 for Thanksgiving. We hope that everyone has safe travels and a wonderful holiday.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homecoming Events Today and Saturday

Plenty happening on the Gallatin campus today and Saturday for Homecoming and for other events:
Coffee with the PREZ
Today- 11/19/15
Wood, Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room
Today- 11/19/15
Wood, Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room
*Join the Vol State Cheerleaders for refreshments and Basketball team introductions*
Evening Services Presents- Clearly You Crystals
Today- 11/19/15
Wood, Cafeteria
Don’t forget- HOMECOMING GAMES this Saturday, November 21, 2015.
Women’s game at 2:00PM
Men’s game at 4:00PM
Get your FREE raffle ticket at the door for a chance to win a GoPro camera during each halftime!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

No Tobacco or Vape Anywhere on any Campus in 2016

After January 1, 2016, Volunteer State Community College will prohibit the use of tobacco on any campus property for all students, faculty, staff, contractors and visitors. The use of tobacco and vaping (e-cigarette) products will be prohibited in college buildings and on college grounds, including parking areas, walkways and buildings.  This does include any vehicles located on campus property on campus locations in Gallatin, Springfield and Livingston. 
Prohibited products include:

·         Cigarettes
·         Cigars
·         Tobacco Chew or Snuff
·         Clove Cigarettes
·         Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping)
·         And all other products that are smokable substances and/or use tobacco
The tobacco-vape-free policy is a part of Vol State’s commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable environment for all members of our campus community and is designed to be positive and health directed.  Individuals noticing violations of the policy should strive to be non-confrontational and respectful to tobacco or vape users when communicating our policy.  Additionally, tobacco or e-cigarette users are expected to adhere to the policy and likewise be respectful to the remainder of campus.  Enforcement of the policy will be achieved primarily through education, awareness and a spirit of cooperation.
Vol State is not requiring faculty, staff and students to quit using tobacco products; however, we do expect the policy to be followed while on Vol State property, and we are offering support to our students and employees who wish to stop using prohibited products. 

For more information and tips on how to stop using tobacco, please visit

Monday, November 16, 2015

Vol State Homecoming and Other Events this Week

This week at Vol State. It's Homecoming!
Nov. 17 International Education: Around the World in a Day, international displays, Nichols Dining Room 12:45pm-1:45pm
Nov. 18 Spoken Word Poetry: Asia Project, Nichols Dining Room, 12:45pm
Nov. 19 Coffee with the PREZ, Cafeteria, 9am-10am
Nov. 19 Clearly You: free 3-D image in crystal for all students, Nichols Dining Room, 1pm to 7pm
Nov. 19 The Psychology of Race, panel discussion, Thigpen Library, 1pm
Nov. 19 Homecoming Pep Rally, Cafeteria, 12:45pm
Nov. 21 Homecoming Basketball Games, Pickel Field House, 2pm and 4pm

Friday, November 13, 2015

Current TN Promise Students: December 1 Deadline to Stay Eligible

Current TN Promise Students: Many of you have not turned in your community service hours for this semester. You have to do it every semester. Community Service you did last summer does not count. You need eight new hours and must file it online by December 1. You will be dropped from the TN Promise program if you don't complete the community service requirement and file it by December 1. Please, take this seriously and get it done. We want to see everyone back this spring! Here is the link to file your hours. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Feeling Overwhelmed with Class Work? We Can Help

This is one of the toughest times in the school year; assignments are piling up, you may have done poorly on a few tests. Don't feel like it's just you...most students go through this. You need to stick it out...and we are here to help. You can get help with papers, research and math homework. Visit for a list of what is available and contact info. If you are having trouble in one class, let the instructor know, they can help. If you are having trouble in several classes you can also call the College Success office at 615-230-3390. They will meet with you and help you map out a path forward. You can do this!

Vol State Basketball Poised for a Fresh Start

The 2015-16 Lady Pioneers
With a group of freshmen and only one returning player on each team, a fresh start is in the cards as both the men’s and women’s basketball teams prepare for the 2015-16 basketball season.

Both teams began conference play this past weekend, playing against Columbia State. The Lady Pioneers ended the game with a 79-48 win over the Lady Chargers, while the Pioneers suffered a 114-93 loss Saturday. The next home game for both teams is Nov. 14 against Motlow State.

“We’ve got a big learning curve and a lot of work to do, but they’re improving daily, and that’s all I can ask for,” Lady Pioneers coach Otis Key said.

Last year, the Lady Pioneers saw 12 overall wins during the season. With a bunch of fresh faces on the team, Key said it sets them up for a good learning opportunity to improve on last year’s game.

“They all come in with one singular goal in mind, and I get to mold that and kind of sculpt that into what we’ll have for two years with some of them, and I’m excited for that,” he said.

Sophomore Kyndal Hale is this year’s captain and the only returning player on the roster. She’s hoping her experience will help set the team up for a great season.

“It’s definitely exciting. There’s 14 brand new faces. I have to learn how to work with all of them being incoming freshmen, and they have to learn how to work with me. I was one of the only freshmen last year, so me getting the chance to show them everything is really exciting,” Hale said.

The men's team practices for this week's series of games.
The men’s team is hoping for a major improvement over last year’s less-than-stellar season, according to coach Rusty Melvin.

“We just want to be competitive every night. With a team of all freshmen, I just want us to learn how to play as a team, and then play to win,” he said.

There are a total of seven conference games before Christmas, four of which are away games, and Melvin said that in itself is going to present a challenge to the team. But it’s a challenge they’re excited for.

“It’s going to be a touch schedule. My goal is with five minutes to go in a game, we are still being competitive,” Melvin said.

Like Hale, sophomore Connor Peach is the only returning player on the men’s team. He said he has a good feeling about the team’s performance this season.

“It’s a little different being the only returning player, but we have a lot better squad than last year, and I really look forward to what that means for us during the rest of the season,” he said.

This weekend’s home game will begin at 2 p.m. with the women’s team, followed by the men’s team at 4 p.m. Click here for a full schedule of this year's games. Games are free for students, faculty, and staff. Admission is $5.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day Ceremonies at Vol State

There were two major events for Veterans Day on the Vol State campus in Gallatin. The first was an annual luncheon, honoring student veterans and all who have served in the military. Torrey Zimmerman, president of the Student Veterans of America chapter at Vol State, spoke about a symbolic POW/MIA table display on one side of the room. The empty place setting and each item on the table hold meaning to help us better remember the sacrifice those military members and their families have made, and to show that POWs and MIAs are not forgotten.

Joe Shakeenab gave a rousing speech as the keynote speaker. The U.S. Army Ranger and 5th Special Forces veteran asked a question of the veterans in the room: "What is the next mission? You don't just serve, serve and serve and then turn it off." He encouraged vets to look forward to their next job in life, whether it be supporting young military members or older vets. Shakeenab has led the Fifth Special Forces Foreign Language Program at Fort. Campbell. He told of his path from learning Arabic to coordinating language services for the entire 5th Special Forces.

Several student veterans were honored for their service to the country and their work as students at Vol State: Christoper Allgood, Chris Argo, Cody Cross, Justin Endres, Allen Harris, Bradley Jackson, Jeremy Vaughn and Torrey Zimmerman.

A short time later, the College Republicans and the Student Veterans of America held an event on the front lawn of the college, where they have placed 6,718 flags, one for each of the 6,718 military members who have lost their lives in combat since 9/11. Congressman Diane Black, State Representative William Lamberth, and Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown were among the speakers. It was quite moving to hear the remarks and then look back to once again comprehend the meaning of the flags placed on the lawn and what the loss of a family member has meant to so many American families over the years.

We thank all veterans for their service and especially the students, faculty and staff veterans at Vol State on all of its campuses.

Veterans Honored with Flag Display

The 6,717 flags represent each military member who has died in combat since Sept. 11, 2001.

Remembering those who have sacrificed so much is an important thing to do, and Vol State is doing its part to recognize that on Veterans Day.

The Vol State College Republicans joined together with the Vol State chapter of Student Veterans of America to commemorate Veterans Day with a ceremonial display of American flags on the front lawn of the campus. Each flag is in honor of every soldier that has died in active duty since Sept. 1l, 2001.

"It's not every day you see almost 7,000 flags on the front lawn of Vol State," said Dustin Hodges, president of Vol State College Republicans. "The idea is just to bring awareness to people about how many people have actually given their life for the war on terror. Everybody knows the death count in World War II and Vietnam, but this war has been kind of kept away from the American public, and people don't realize just how many people have lost their lives."

Hodges said the student club was going to originally prepare a flag display in recognition of those who lost their lives during the 9/11 attacks. With the anniversary so close to the start of the fall semester, the club decided to wait to display flags until Veterans Day to honor fallen soldiers.

Vol State has never had recognized Veterans Day with anything of this magnitude. Hodges said he is hoping it will become a tradition each year, because it is important to remember all those who have given their lives for our freedom.

"We're really hoping that veterans realize that there are people out there who do realize the commitments and sacrifices they have made. We really do appreciate that," he said.

In addition to the flag display, a speaking event will be held at 2 p.m. on the front lawn featuring comments from U.S. Rep. Diane Black, State Rep. William Lamberth, and Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown. A meet-and-greet with the officials will be held following the event for students, faculty, staff, and members of the community.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Business Scholarship Presentation

Congrats to Allison Goodpaster. She was  awarded a scholarship by region three of the professional organization, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). She was joined by her parents during the plaque presentation today. Dr. Faulkner and Business and Technology Dean Patty Anderson made the presentation  Goodpaster is an honors student and a President’s Ambassador at Vol State for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Vol State Events this Week:

Vol State events this week:
Nov. 9 Spring priority class registration begins for sophomores at 8am
Nov. 10 Spring priority class registration begins for freshmen at 8am
Nov. 10 POW/MIA Remembrance, Cafeteria, 10am-2pm
Nov. 11 Veteran's Recognition Luncheon, Nichols Dining Room, 12:45pm
RSVP to to attend
Nov.11 Remember the Fallen, flags on the Gallatin campus front lawn, all day
Nov. 13 Veterans Movie Night: American Sniper, Thigpen Library, 7pm

Priority Spring Class Registration Starts this Week

Priority spring class registration opens at 8am on Monday, November 9 for current sophomores (30 credits or more) and Tuesday at 8am for current freshmen. What does priority mean? It's an opportunity for students enrolled in fall classes to get the first pick of spring classes, before the public and others. You can get the classes you need at the times you want. But it doesn't do any good unless you have done your homework. Visit Degree Works on My Vol State to find out what classes you need for your degree. Then meet with your advisor to work out a strategy. Then use College Scheduler to pick out the best schedule to meet your needs.

Friday, November 6, 2015

How to Find Your Assigned Advisor

As a student almost everything you need in terms of information about Vol State can be found on your My Vol State page. To find your assigned advisor just follow these quick steps:

-Click on the Academics tab

-Under Academic Profile, Advisors- select TERM and press go.

-Your advisor's name will display

-To get their contact info click the Search tab

-Enter the last name only of your assigned advisor

-The office location, email and phone number will appear

Why does all of this matter? You need to be meet with your academic advisor now to prepare for spring class registration. You want to make sure you are registering for the classes that you need for your particular major.

Priority registration for current students starts on Monday, November 8 for sophomores and Tuesday, November 9 for freshmen.

You probably want to also use Degree Works, also on My Vol State, to help determine which classes you need for your particular degree. It will give you a base with which to start your discussion with your advisor.

Register early to get the classes you need at the times you want. By the end of November registration will open to the public.

If you have questions you can contact the Advising Center at 615-230-3702.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Priority Registration for Spring Classes Starts Next Week

Meet with your advisor to get ready for spring class registration. Priority registration for current students starts on Monday, Nov. 9 for sophomores and Tuesday, Nov. 10 for freshmen. Get the classes you need at the times you want...take advantage of Priority registration before it opens to the public. Use Degree Works, on your My Vol State page, to see what classes you need for your particular major. Then meet with your advisor to set a plan. Use College Scheduler on My Vol State to find the best class day and time schedule for you.

Events this Week at Vol State

Events this week at Vol State:
Nov. 3 Meditation and Moral Development: A Comparative Look at Spiritual Traditions and Contemporary Cognitive Science, by Thomas Mether, Rochelle Center in Thigpen Library, 12-1pm
Nov. 4 Singer/songwriter Royce Lovett, Cafeteria, 12:45pm
Nov. 5 Freedom Summer: Mississippi 1964, by Carole Bucy, Rochelle Center of Thigpen Library, 1pm
Nov. 7 Household Hazardous Waste Collection, outside near Softball Field, 9am-2pm
Nov. 8 Chinese Music and Dance Troupe, Caudill Hall, 7:30pm, free and open to the public